Put on a Happy Facemask

by Bill Maranda

Put on a Happy Facemask

By Bill Maranda

Once the lockdown hit life turned upside down. That initial four or five weeks extended into months on end. The science of politics dictated sanitizers, gloves, facemasks, social distancing and business closures, no groups gatherings. They even told us to wash our hands, as if we didn't already know that, something they taught us in Kindergarten.

And when you think about it, we haven't had this many necessary rules since we were all just kids in Kindergarten. Keep us safe, prepared, be on constant guard.

Even though we're all trying to do the right thing, of all these dictates, wearing a full-face mask part was new and unpleasant to most of us.

One afternoon I was babysitting an essential worker's child for a few hours because Kindergarten was COVID-closed. The little guy caught me reading the paper with my mask down under my nose. This, so as my glasses wouldn't fog up.


Yes, you are correct. Nothing seniors like to hear more than that, I thought.

Mid-summer all us ITAS got back into the office. We worker guys, the drones, we all connected right away, to catch up.

"Who's zooming who", as us Boomers would say.

When I tell my good buddy Angela Hampton the diaper story not only did she get a kick out of it she offered to make me a few custom facemasks, ones in which my glasses wouldn't fog up.

As it turns out she has a swing machine, time on her hands, she's more than willing to help out. So here we have a decent, dedicate human, our Angela Hampton spending hours on end cutting and stitching, sending a few facemasks to all in need. Bless her heart!

These are hand crafted masks from Angela, custom tailored, with various prints to appease and accommodate most any lifestyle. And as a senior, I must say quite frankly, there hasn't made a face mask of this quality since the plague.

Angela knows that I like to pretend that I am a short order cook. Her only question was simple, "Would you prefer elastic band or tie straps?

Think of the character sketch artist on the Ocean boardwalk, attempting to capture the essence, the person's heart and soul. The REAL person, his true personality, well beyond that person we all pass by in the office every work day.

Yes, an Angela custom made face mask defines the essence of the individual.

After work in the TAC all day Bill likes to pretend he's a cook in the neighborhood diner like he was in high school. It made him happy, feeding all his high school friends with burgers, fries and shakes. Reminds him of the best job he ever had, back when he lived at home, a kid just needing gas and girl money, that's all.

So, Angela creates a complementary set of premium "face wear" that any short order cook would surely desire. Angela took kitchen aprons, precision cut ever so accurately to accent Bill's solemn interest in the most delicate manner. Perhaps IHOP or Denny's would take interest?

But best of all, Angela's personally decorated facemask allows the World to see that smile in your eyes. To allow for that ever so necessary lighthearted spin on circumstances which dominated us in this most desperate situation.

Thank you for you considerations, Angela Hampton, and Merry COVID-Avoidance and a Happy Vaccination to all!!

And what would we all do in Kindergarten? Sing a happy song!

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