Bill Maranda


I live on the southwestern parameter of the Chicago metropolitan area, at the edge of the Palos forest preserve. This is well outside of where condos and townhouses by the villa by the mall mix in with the variously shaped cookie-cutter maxi-houses which are all made out of ticky-tacky and logically placed on postage-stamp-sized lots. The windows are guaranteed by the maker to seal out fresh air. The fresh water runs through a purifying system. The fireplace is electric. All of these homes appear to have a solid look. The cobblestones on the driveway are relics imported from Denmark. There is a façade of composite fiber bricks on the structure itself. But best of all these homes are reasonably priced so that once the mortgage, taxes and routine maintenance are considered the true value of the home is well overshadowed by the excessive number of man-hours worked to sustain it. Society will then staff the edifice with a business person, a stockbroker, a doctor or a lawyer as such, who according to the nursery rhythm are also made out of ticky-tacky. This is required so governors are more easily able to determine what these humans truly desire, thus enabling all opposing political parties to collectively represent similar interests. These humans are all very cosmopolitan; all appear to be genuinely skillful as ‘grownups’, containing most of the attributes of very authentic ‘adults’. And believe me, I keep my distance. The forest, with its hollers, ravines, and most important, the wildlife, provide safe harbor for the desperate soul of an Absolute. For I fear the generic, for I am apprehensive of nonproprietary fortunes given to those devoted to Earthly Life, applying the tried and true Skinner methods of ‘escape-avoidance’. The ‘law’ of the wilderness was created naturally, according to the will of the Maker of Life. This is more logical for me because this law is absolute, whereas the humans that create a city of laws so easily manipulate the ‘law’ of the city to suite their ever changing needs and desires. This is why the prefix ‘self’ is interchangeable with ‘national’ when we discuss what is in the countries’ best ‘interest’. I prefer the inherent fairness, the stability of the wilderness. Yes, this is how I got here in the First Place!

December 2015




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