Below are links to some essential reading for both the aspiring writer, and seasoned author: Contact us if you would like to suggest a link, or exchange links with us!

Writing Advice/Tips has an excellent starting point for learning how to write scripts for theater, screenplay and film. Their blog post includes links to guides to help get you started, along with example scripts that will help you set the scene and start writing dialogue.


The Society for Editors and Proofreaders are a non-profit-distributing organisation with a fantastic directory of UK proofreaders and editors. They also run courses on editing and proofreading in London, Bristol, Edinburgh and York. 

Short Story Resources

Short stories, podcast and writing prompts generator courtesy of Adam Maxwell. Classic Short Stories is dedicated to the short story and to those interested in reading light prose. Everything from Rudyard Kipling to Roald Dahl!

Poetry Resources

The Poet Sanctuary Poetry Forum is a free online poetry community where poets may post their poetry and receive reviews. Also offers a free poetry contest worth cash prizes, publication, and workshop. Poetic Content @ Writings Of The Heart- Poetic content @ Writings of the Heart: need some poetic content for your website? Poetry, egreetings, writer's resources, etc., by ellen dubois, poet and author of jackie's heart.

Short Stories Online is the largest library of short stories to read online such as love stories, bedtime stories, fairy tales and many more for short story lovers written by talented writers from all over the world.

Setup your own blog

It's true that there are many services around now that make it easier than ever to setup your own website, blog or shopping platform. Robert from has a full and comprehensive guide on setting up your own blog in under an hour. Absolutely no experience or expertise is required to get going and publish a beautiful looking website from nothing in an afternoon.

Career Paths

The folks over at Maryville University have put together a wonderful guide on the possible career paths you can take if you're studying Creative Writing or any other topic on language. They have advice on how to become an Editor, Copywriter, Journalist/Reporter, and Legal Editor among many other possible career paths. If you're looking for ways to make a career using your skills, this article "Creative Jobs for English Majors" is well worth a read.

Writer's Groups

Directory of Writers Groups

If you would like to add you own group to this page, please contact us with details! See the BBC Get Writing Course Search or National Association of Writers' Groups for other writing groups/courses near you if you do not see any below!



CIE Writers

CIE Writer is a group of CIE employees who write and publish short stories, essays and poems. Our last publication was "There's Love And There's Sex And There's The 46A", the work of fifteen writers, which was well received. We are looking for new contributors (who work, or have worked, for the CIE group of companies), with a view to publishing another collection and anybody with a literary leaning can sent their submission to

Kevin Street Library Creative Writers Group

Kevin Street Library Creative Writers Group meets at Kevin Street Library (D8, neat Camden Street) every Thursday 2 - 4.00. This is an informal space where different voices can be heard. Free. More details from Tutor on 085 160 9906


Paisley, Renfrewshire

Ferguslie Park Writers

Every Thursday Evening: 6.30pm - 8pm at Ferguslie Park Library A small relaxed group of 6 - 10 members suitable for beginners or advanced. Manuscripts are photocopied and read aloud during the session for feedback. Suggested tasks (such as working from a photograph or title) are set weekly and the poetry or fiction of an established writer is looked at every session.

Johnstone, Renfrewshire

Johnstone Writers' Group

Every Thursday Evening: 7pm - 9pm at Premier Inn, Phoenix Retail Park, Linwood A very relaxed and informal group of 12-15 members. Welcomes new members. Members include beginners taking their first steps into fiction or poetry. More experienced members write crime fiction, romantic and historical novels, children's stories, science fiction, horror, memoirs and poetry. Manuscripts are read aloud for comment and encouragement.

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