by Sonia Cheug

Water is pure , clean and aqua blue fresh .

Filling oceans , seas , lakes and rivers .

Falling from breath taking waterfalls , the sky and our eyes .

Washing away pain , confusion and mess .

Replenishing the land with nutrients and creatures that grow from it .

I run into the sea and take off all my clothes .

Swimming over and under the giant waves , with the fish .

Naked as the day I was born .

Pure and innocent .

I am one with nature and my spiritual self .

Water falls and showers cleanses my body and hair .

Replenishing it with nutrients and unconditional love .

The reflection is open and honest .

Calm and still .

Oceans , seas , lakes and rivers .

Ripples of heavenly white and silver diamonds .

Sparkling , shimmering and shinning .

Across miles and miles of open waters .

Water is exhilarating, overwhelming and erotic .

Water is pure, honest and open .

Water is all around you .

Water is YOU .

The End .

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