The Young Girl

by Sonia Cheug

The young girl stands on a busy but isolated platform . Waiting for her dreaded four hour train ride , back to London . She holds on to her carrier bag and a small suit

case . Tired , dishevelled and confused . Her train arrives and she boards the first carriage . Every chair is taken , so she carries on walking down . Through three carriages . Finally she spots a seat , next to a young handsome man with short dark brown hair and sparkling eyes .

The young girl falls instantly in love and her nerves get the better of her . As she plays around with the small fold out table in front of her . He is a young American from seattle . She takes in her surroundings and spots a reflection of her self . He watches her . They talk through the entire journey and for that specific moment in time everything in her cloudy future makes complete sense . There is no justification or logic . Just absolute knowingness , that this person has entered her life for a purpose . To love , grow , learn and move on .

The End .

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