The Old Woman

by Sonia Cheug

I like waking up with the sun shining and the birds singing .

I like to swim naked in the sea .

I like to walk in the park with the dears sitting on the green grass .

I like to pop the bubbles on the clear packaging material .

I like to eat sushi till its coming out of my mouth .

I like drinking red wine with my very close friends .

I like to listen to music till I go deaf .

I like to talk till I have nothing left to talk about .

I like to breath in the helium gas from a balloon and have

a high pitched voice .

I like to dance till my legs hurt so much the next day that I cant move .

I like sitting by the window on the bus and watching the world go by .

I like to hug a tree .

I like the smell of lavender .

I like the sound of the wind .

I like to hear the sound of children laughing.

I like when my daughters come to visit me with their children .

I like to sleep on the right hand side of the bed with 2 pillows .

I like to dream about flying as high as a bird .

I would like to see my best friend in heaven now .

The end .

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