by Sonia Cheug


Love is a drug , a force of nature and a phenomenon .

There is no one word to describe it , in its full entirety .

It feels like your being swooped up into a hurricane .

Leaving you frightened , breathless and amazed .

It can hurt so much , you could die .

The pain is beyond words , scarring you like the deepest wound .

Love is your heroin . The more you want , the more you need . It is so strong , you can't live with or without it .

After the last drop has left your mind , body and soul . Your left feeling confused , bitter , depressed and isolated . The body becomes numb and your soul grieves .

Love is a frightened child , huddled in a corner and clutching onto her safety blanket , for dear life . She finds shelter in the dark and lonely cupboard and preys someone will find her and save her .

Love feels like the flame of a candle . Fragile , beautiful and lights up the darkest of rooms . It is your everlasting universe .With millions and millions of gem sparkling , diamond stars . Planets that show their true colours and the unison between brother sun and sister moon .

The end .

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