The Ghost

by Sonia Cheug

The Ghost

The ghost steps onto the isolated escalator and begins its mindless journey into limbo land . It stands rigid and still, as all the other rush hour mongrols and bitches run around it , like crazed headless chickens being plucked from obscurity . Black and white suits are mlanged into dots and stripes . Posters are forever being torn down from the walls and new ones are being replaced . Changing from various colours , sizes and words . All of them promise some kind of a an easy solution or a simple alterantive route , out of this screaming world .

Where expectations are too high and people cant live with themselves anymore . Amazing long dreams are shattered and small simple ones replace them instead . Or evil vivid nightmares stain our grey matters and scar our wounded souls .

The ghost begins to drift and asks itself

" Why did I let this happen to me ? "

It suddeny catches a reflection of itself as a child . When innocence over ruled materialism . It rubs its eyes again and sees itself now as a shady character with a dishonest smile .

The train finally stops at his final destination into the mirky co-operate world . It flies up the stairs and slides through the barriers of the ticket machine . As it approaches day light , it takes of its blazer , whilst running to work , he undoes his tie and begins to unbutton his white sleeve shirt .

He arrives at the office and breezes through the sliding doors and proceeds to take off his trousers , socks and shoes . He climbs up onto the boss's desk and shouts out to the world

" I declare my freedom !" .

He jumps off the desk , like the adventurous little boy he use to be and sprints out of the office . By the time he exits the building and arrives into his new found world . His mind , face , body and soul are no longer the shadow of ghost , but that of a human being who has finally found his heart again .

The End .

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