The Path Goes Forever On

by Michael S

All he could remember was the explosion. Nothing else came to his mind. A giant outburst of fire and then he ended up here. Where "here" was, he had no idea. All he could see was a dirt path in the middle of what seemed to be never-ending sand. His name he knew not, nor his purpose in this barren wasteland. The only thought he had was how uncomfortable he was. The sun was horribly bright and hot, and he was quite thirsty. The only logical solution was to take the path, which seemed to have no end. He walked along the path for what seemed like a very long time, even though he seemed to have lost his sense of time. He was desperately was looking for a settlement. Nothing could be seen anywhere... but wait... something... on the horizon. He ran as fast as he could. He thought it could be a cactus, for he could use nourishment. He was getting closer... and closer. It looked like the object was floating. How could this be? As the man got closer, he realized, to his horror, it was not a cactus. It was a corpse, floating in the air. It had to be his imagination. He blinked, but the body was still there. A closer look revealed blood, horribly splattered across the body's front. The man fainted onto the sand. A minute later, he woke up. It was still there! The man dashed away from the human carcass as fast as he could, down the never-ending road. What was this strange occurrence? A thought, a memory, came to him. A gun...a loud noise...then...nothing. He had remembered a moment from his past, but then he forgot it. He went on. Now, desperate for water, he began to crawl. Up ahead... was a pond! Were his eyes deceiving him again? As he got closer, he saw there was really water. He cupped his hands and scooped some water for himself. He drank the water; it helped quench his thirst. As he looked at his hands, the man was shocked to find them covered in a shimmering layer of blood. He wasn't bleeding, how could this be? Reluctantly, he looked at the water. It was crimson-colored, and under the water was another corpse. As he saw this, another memory came to his mind. This time, a bloody knife was in his imagination, evil laughter, and haunting silence. He screamed, and ran again, down the forlorn path. Now he was losing his mind, for sure. Also, his energy was low. He lay down beside the path, for he had to rest for a while. His imagination had no end, however. He had one last memory; there were bodies lying on a road. Before that he pictured dynamite, and an explosion...

Three months later, a business tycoon found a perfect spot to set up his factory. This place was a large piece of desert where a new road would be built in a year. As the surveyors drove down the path, one of them noticed a bunch of buzzards around a spot. 'Scavengers' she thought and the surveyors drove past the birds without a single glance backwards...

One would only wonder of this man's past. Was he a witness of many murders, or was he the culprit, the assassin? This story's mysteries are endless, as are the seemingly infinite stretches of desert sand. Perpetuity is an intriguing place, full of time, yet very brief. While the path may go forever on, the unfortunate life of the man in the desert had met its demise.

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