Information Regarding Jerry Ferguson

by Jerry Ferguson

A day dreamer at heart since very young I have unfortunately been involved in the reality of life my entire 64 years on this Earth. Coming from an unloving and unmanageable home the best I could do was to enlist in the Army at 18 years old after dropping out of high school. Three years later luckily was discharged with an honorable discharge. Took a walk in test and became a Police Officer in New York City. Somehow survived that experience after 25 years, retired and went into Federal Service for 14 years and then retired from there in 2005. In the meantime married with four children, divorced, remarried now for 16 years with no children. After being retired wrote and published on my own 9 books and numerous poetry, all on my website "astoriapoetics". Still struggling with reality. The good and bad of life confuses me. Still trying to figure that all out. Found a Higher Power. He helps me everyday keep it all simple. Sometimes I have a problem with that and I regress. I pray again and progress. That's the way my life is.

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