Do What We Do Till We Can't (Then We Wont)

by Robert Gronewold


(Then We Wont)

we can do what we do just the way that we do

for as long as we can till we can't then we wont

but more and more people, in more and more cars

on more and more roads, means more and more wars

for more and more oil..

now we could "conserve", but what will it matter?

whether we do or whether we don't

we'll still go on doing what we basically do

the way we essentially do it

for as long as we can till we can't

and then we wont..

and I'm not a big fan of fuel efficiency

wasting our time with our hoping and wishing

hoping and wishing that we can ferever

go driving around in our automobiles

hoping and wishing, to continue to do what we do

the way that we do

for as long as we can

till we can't, till we wont..

and I'm not impressed with alternative fuels

it takes lots of energy to get lots of energy

and we're fooling ourselves; just denying reality

hoping there's something as cheap and abundant

as 20 million barrels of oil each day

our obstinate sad resistance to change; to change the way we live

but oh well..

so we'll do what we do all the way

just like we do it

for as long as we can, and then when we can't?

well then we wont..

and I don't subscribe to the desperate idea

of drilling and drilling and drilling fer more

cuz what do we do even if we will find it?

burn it forever and heat up the planet?

the north pole is melting!

there's a polar bear digging through your trash cans!

oh, maybe we need a committee; more "study"..?

or maybe we'll wait until Key West is gone

or we lose a big city each year from a storm

even then, we'll probably still do what we do

the way that we currently do

fer as long as we can till we can't anymore

and then.. I guess we wont..

no I'm a believer in building a railroad!

an interconnected system of tracks!

a way to move people and goods all around!

from sea to shining sea!..

and here's how it works:

you walk from yer house a few blocks to the corner

you wait a few minutes and talk with yer neighbor

and soon comes a train; an electrical carriage

powered by sunshine and water and wind

highways and parking lots now become gardens

beautiful places with flowers and trees

you see them go by from yer comfortable chair

perhaps you might even hop off and explore!

there's business and commerce to get what you need

walkable places environment friendly;

green spaces connecting, bike paths and trails..

you catch the next train that will take you to work

or take you to breakfast or lunch or the game

or take you to dinner, a movie, a show

everywhere y'need to go

anywhere y'wanna to go..

yes I'm a believer in building a railroad

we need to get out of the car to survive

and building a railroad is more than good logic

it's thousands (maybe millions) of permanent jobs!

building a railroad; forsaking the car

that's the answer for the human race

because that's what solves our gravest predicament:

depleting energy, and failing environment..

building a railroad's the right thing to do..

building a railroad.. is the answer..

and I hope we all get on board real soon

and if we don't?

if we don't..

then, I guess we just, y'know..

do what we do..

the way that we do it..

for as long as we can..

until we can't..

and then?..

we wont.

- 2.22.06

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