Gone Fishin

by Pauliolio

I woke today,one thing in mind

to fulfil a lifetime,s wish.

Leave my troubles far behind

and teach myself to fish.

So off i went at crack of dawn

with dreams of bream and cod.

Brand new knee length waders on

to buy a six foot rod.

Perched upon the riverbank

prepared to spend the day.

Waiting till the first "catch" was

unfortunate to stray.

Along my stretch of riverbank

and up to take a look.

To find itself unwittingly

upon my virgin hook.

From 8.00 am i concentrated

tickling my line

Decided that i,d had enough

at twenty five to nine.

Packed my gear and headed home

and climbed the stairs to bed.

Next time fish should spring to mind

i,ll buy me some instead.......

For anybody unfortunate enough still to be with me at

this point,thanks for your patience.For those of you

left earlier,its no problem i understand.........

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