In the Hot Tub by Rory Richards

by Rory Richards

You have invited me to your place for a session in the hot tub ... "Why don't you go out back and start the tub while I make some snacks ?" you say with a smile ... "and please take the cold drinks with you ?" I go out the patio door and down the steps carrying the drinks on a tray, enter the hot tub area, and flip on the switch for the outside light ... some lights come on under the water in the jet tub, too ... nice ! Getting into the tub, I sit facing the door ... you come out and I see your bikini-clad outline in the doorway ... I can tell that you have been walking a lot - you are in excellent shape ... just having you near me makes my heart begin to race ! You set down the tray of snacks on the shelf at the side of the tub and your curiosity gets the best of you - you look down into the tub to see if I have taken my shorts off ... yes, I'm naked ... you smile ... "If you lean over to the right hand side, sweetie, and turn those two knobs, it will let the jets flow a bit ..." Twist, twist ... pssssshhht ... whoooossh ... I look you in the eyes as you step into the tub ... then I look at your gorgeous body wrapped in a geometric print bikini ... "Is the water warm enough ?" you ask ... "Yes ... just warm enough ..." The bubbles brush against my body ... my manhood is moving with the water - anticipating ... I've been waiting for months for this moment ... I feel the material of your bikini touch me as you sit in my lap facing me ... your breasts touch my chest ... I look down to see your lovely womanly curves ... your knees wrap around me and we kiss long and deep ... Putting my hands on your cheeks, we kiss again and I slip my tongue between your lips ... You reach over on the ledge for a lighter to light some candles ... as you do, one bikini-covered breast brushes against my cheek ... I find myself wondering if you did that on purpose ? I take it as a clear signal of things to come ... the scent of vanilla candles fills the air ... As you move back into my lap, I adjust myself to fit between your legs more comfortably ... as you sit down, you brush your bikini top against my lips and I kiss your nipples through your suit ... I have a confession to make ..." I admit ... "this is my first time in a hot tub ..." "Well, I hope that you enjoy it !" you say with a mischievous grin ... As you say this, you move your whole body closer to mine until our chests are touching again ... We kiss again ... your tongue is getting more persistent now ... I wrap my arms around you and hold you close - still we are kissing ... Moving my hands to the sides of your breasts, I feel them gently, and then put my thumbs on your nipples ... your nipples respond through your bikini top and are instantly aroused ... You feel my kisses on your chest above your breasts, and then between them ... you raise up a bit so that my mouth can reach your nipples ... I kiss each in turn and give each of them a playful, gentle nibble ... You must really like that feeling, because your pelvis pushes against my abdomen and begins to move slowly back and forth ... I slip my fingers under the edges of your bikini top, lift it up over your nipples, and you feel my warm lips kissing them ... "I'm very happy that I had that tall bamboo planted between our yard and the neighbor's ..." you say with a smile ... "that old fart would love to see me naked !" We both laugh ... You playfully press your breasts together now, and I kiss both nipples at once as I reach behind you to untie your bathing suit top ... your breasts are so beautiful ! Reaching over to the shelf where our drinks are, you take a sip and then your fingers take an ice cube out of your glass ... you place it between your lips and kiss me ... we both feel cold lips and warm, wet bodies - all at the same time ... You smile, and as you do, the ice cube drops down between our chests ... we both jump ! the ice falls into the warm water and quickly melts away ... We return to our passionate kisses ... my cock is getting even harder for you now ... "Please stand up ?" I whisper ... "I want to kiss your clit now ..." You slowly rise out of the water ... I put my hands on your rear, pull you towards my waiting lips, and kiss the front of your bikini bottom ... Looking up at your face, I hold my tongue out towards your lower body, pull on your hips again to bring you even closer, and begin to kiss the very front of your pussy ... I can taste your juices through the thin fabric, and can tell that you are wet both inside and out ... You sigh and spread your legs a bit more ... I put my tongue directly on your clit and lick it through your bikini bottom ... then you pull up on the front of your suit and the thin material goes up between your legs - exposing your lovely pussy lips ... you feel my kisses cover every inch of your special places ... Slipping my hands inside the back of your bikini bottom, I bring them around to the front and pull it down slowly - kissing all the while ... when the tiny triangular piece of cloth reaches your knees, you put both hands on my shoulders to steady yourself as you step out of it ... Before I know it, you are pressing your naked pussy against my face ! I begin to kiss and lick, kiss and lick ... "Lick my pussy and my clit, Rory !" you say excitedly ... "now !!!" You grab a towel, spread it out on the edge of the tub, and lie down on your back on it with your legs still in the warm water ... I feel the insides of your thighs brushing against my cheeks as I move my head up between your legs ... as my tongue makes first contact with your clit, I feel your legs move up and across my shoulders ... My tongue slips inside of your pussy just a bit ... you moan and pick your hips up so that you can spread your legs a bit wider ... you look down to watch as I use my fingers to gently spread open your pussy lips ... so pink ! so lovely ! one finger touches your hard clit, and you moan louder ... You feel my tongue begin to lick your clit in earnest now - small, quick licks as you guide my head to the very spot that will make you cum ... I'm licking faster now, and with each lick my tongue goes farther and farther inside of your pussy ... one of my fingers slides inside of you just a bit as I continue to lick, Lick, LICK ! You want more of my finger, and push against it ... I slide it farther inside and lick from my finger up to your clit and back ... my finger is moving in and out now, and my tongue is very busy ... You feel a second finger push gently inside of you as I suck your clit forcefully ... licking, sucking, fingering - making you super-wet ... Spreading your pussy lips wider, I sink my tongue in as deep as it will go, then kiss you full on the clit and move my fingers in and out ... and in ... In ... IN !!!! Your eyes are closed now and your head is tipped back ... your nipples are aroused and pointing towards the sky ... still I lick, suck, and finger your wet, wet pussy ... I want you to cum on my tongue and fingers so much, lover ! Your body begins to tense and I know that you are VERY close ... you are moaning quite loudly and I want you to cum for me now ! moving my hands behind you, I pull you towards me again and rub my whole face in your pussy ... Suddenly, I feel a warm gushing on my chin ... the sweet taste of your cum fills my mouth ... mmmmmm !!! "I need to feel your big cock in my pussy now !" you say breathlessly ... "that will keep me cumming !!!" I sit down again so you can straddle me ... as you sit down in my lap, you rub your bare breasts against my face, my chest, and can I feel the tip of my cock poised at your pussy entrance ... this is the moment that we have both waited for for so long ... we are naked together and making love ... As you slide slowly down onto my huge erection, I feel like I may explode, but resist ... you feel wonderful ! Now you sit down on me all the way, press your whole front against my naked body, take my cock deep inside of you, and kiss me like a wild woman ! I kiss your neck and begin to moan with you while squeezing my cock muscles inside of your pussy ... you begin to tense up and thrust your breasts forward, tilt your head back, and begin to ride me up and down fast and hard ! The smell of vanilla candles and sex fill the air ... wetness and warmth fill our senses ... the tub is MUCH warmer now - our lovemaking has made the water hot ! "Rory ?" you ask anxiously ... "will you enter me from behind so I can cum again ?" "Yes, I will - get on your hands and knees on the towel, please ..." You kiss me and then move into position ... I kneel up behind you and look down at your beautiful bottom and your pussy awaiting my big stiff cock ... Taking my shaft in my hand, I begin rub the tip against your clit from behind ... you move one hand back between your legs and waste no time grasping my cock and slipping it inside of your cock-craving pussy ... I look down to see my cock going in and out of your pussy ... slowly, slowly - just the way that you like it sometimes ... reaching for your nipples, I squeeze them gently to help you get ready to cum ... then I hold perfectly still as you move against me - exactly the way that you love it ... After a few hot minutes, you are right on the very edge of another orgasm ... reaching around in front of you, I begin to massage your clit as we make love ... around and around ... back and forth ... you are moaning so loudly now that it's a good thing no else is around ! Suddenly, I can't help myself and realize that I'm going to cum ! your pussy is calling me - calling my sperm ... I shake my head and hope that you are close too ... stopping and just holding deep inside of you, I feel the cum start to race up my shaft and then spray inside of your tight pussy ... so warm ! so wet ! then you press down hard onto my stiff cock and add your own cum to mine ... it's a beautiful moment - we are cumming together ! A moment later, we have both stopped moving and are just enjoying those orgasmic feelings ... then I move ever-so-slightly, and some of our warm cum gushes out of your pulsating pussy and drips into the water ... you are purring like a tiger ... ****** As we sit and relax together in the tub, I reach for one of the cold drinks and share it with you ... You turn the jets down a bit ... I'm running my fingers gently up and down your spine as the warm water surrounds us ... you lean over and kiss me and I kiss you back ... "I'm so glad that you got the hot tub fixed ..." I say between kisses ... "I've been waiting for you to fix it for a long time !"******If you enjoyed this story, you can find more of my writing on , Amazon Kindle, or Barnes Noble ...Search for Rory Richards on any of these sites ...I currently have 3 Books available in my series entitled: 20 Sexy Stories: Romantic, Erotic Stories For WomenEach book has 20 stories that are guaranteed to keep your fingers busy !Book 4 in the series will be published soon ... there are also 4 free short stories available on ...Thanks for reading ...Rory

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