In the Limo by Rory Richards

by Rory Richards

You are eating dinner by yourself in an elegant restaurant with white tablecloths and red leather booths and chairs... designer lighting sets a romantic mood... Across the room you notice a man glancing in your direction... he is eating alone also and reading a book of philosophy while waiting for his appetizer to come... We make accidental eye contact... I smile and then look down at my book again... my heart jumps - but I try not to show it... I've already ordered and wonder why the waiter is coming back empty-handed... he comes to my table says rather formally... "Madame inquires if you would like to join her for dinner?" as he motions towards your table... I look at you again... we smile at each other... you are a lovely vision in your black leather skirt and sleeveless white lace blouse... "Please tell her yes..." I say to the waiter... As I stand up to move to your table, I notice your eyes move slowly up and down to check out my whole body... seeing this gives me a tingling feeling... I like it... I walk to your table and introduce myself - trying not to show my slight nervousness... "Hi! I'm Rory. pleased to meet you..." I put out my hand to shake yours and notice that you look at my hand... your handshake is firm and self-assured... "Hello, Rory..." you say with a knowing smile... Our eyes meet as we shake hands... yours sparkle as we smile at each other... I go to sit in the red leather chair, but you motion to me to sit next to you in the booth... The waiter brings the items from my table over to yours on a tray... "Did you already order?" I ask you... "Yes..." you answer - looking deep into my eyes as if you are studying my soul... I sit a respectful distance from you, but not too far away... as I unfold my napkin to put it in my lap, you brush your hand against mine... it seems almost accidental, but I sense that you did it on purpose... "I eat alone quite often, but do enjoy a good conversation..." I say light-heartedly... "So do I..." you reply with a hint of mystery... You look at me with inquiring eyes, and I answer your unasked question... "I'm as hetero as can be..." I assure you with a laugh... "I thought so..." you respond with a smile... While we talk, the air-conditioning comes on over our table and cools your bare arms... I offer you my black leather jacket... you accept... As I help you to drape my jacket over your shoulders, I notice that you have a lovely body... you adjust my jacket on your shoulders, and then straighten the top of your blouse... my arm is around you as we snuggle you into the jacket... you lean back so that my arm touches your shoulders... you seem very comfortable... The waiter shows up with our salads and breaks our train of thought... we are in a corner booth - a dark corner... there are 2 candles on the table... I can see the reflections of the candles dancing in your eyes... You ask me what I do for a living... I tell you that I am a writer - and I also deliver new limousines for a manufacturer... I'm on a delivery trip right now - a brand-new white stretch limo going to some rock star in California... your eyes light up when I mention the limo... "Tell me more..." you say suggestively... "about the limo..." "Well," I begin..."it has less than 100 miles on it, and a totally white leather interior - no one has even sat back there before..." Your leg brushes against mine under the table, and I know right away that we want each other... After our meal (which neither of us noticed much), we have coffee and you lean your head against my shoulder as we talk softly - just taking our time and enjoying the moment... Suddenly you say calmly... "Rory? I'm ready to see the limo now..." As we stand up to leave, I can't help but notice that you look great in your white blouse, my leather jacket, and your short black leather skirt! the skirt has a long zipper all the way up the front... it's unzipped a bit at the bottom so you can move around freely... We walk arm-in-arm to the parking lot... your eyes widen as you spot the limo - it is truly awesome! I feel your hand grip my arm a bit more firmly now... as we approach, I click the remote entry and the side rear door opens by itself... you remove my jacket and get in first... As you sit back on the white leather seat, you look right into my eyes and pull the zipper on your short leather skirt up a bit more - getting comfortable... your signal is very clear... Kneeling between your legs, I can see that you have black nylons on and no panties... I rub the backs of my hands slowly up the insides of your thighs... so very soft! You lean back, unzip the long zipper of your skirt all the way, and I help you slide out of it... as you do, I can't help looking at your breasts straining against your white lace bra and blouse... your nipples are just barely visible... You look at me with expectation, and I know that you that want me to make the first move... I kiss your eyes - first one then the other... then our lips meet for the first time... delicious! you wrap your arms around me as we kiss... Silently, I move down to kiss the insides of your thighs while reaching up to feel your breasts through your bra... your nipples are already quite aroused! You tenderly caress my hair as I gently kiss up... up... up... you moan softly as my tongue slips between your pussy lips and gently touches your clit through your stockings... "Do you like that feeling ?" I ask between licks... "Yesssss ! VERY much ! don't stop !" you exclaim... After a few minutes, you begin to pull your nylons down and I help you to remove them... You whisper... "I'm so glad I didn't wear any panties today! " I kneel before you once again and before I know it, you are wrapping your legs tightly around my waist... the leather seat is the perfect height! You begin to rub your moist pussy against the front of my black dress pants... I can feel your heat and wonderful wetness as my cock grows rapidly... your fingers move to unzip my zipper - and just in time - my erect cock pops out as soon as you open my zipper! I laugh and whisper... "I'm glad I didn't wear any underwear today, too!"You giggle, and then look down very intently as you take my cock in your hand and begin to rub the tip of it against your waiting clit... Up and down... up and down... then you slide the tip just an inch inside of you and take it back out... you rub it across your aroused clit again... then slip the tip inside again... you are watching intently all this time... your hands move to my sides and push my pants down around my knees... "Make love to me, Rory!!!" you say irresistibly... "make love to me right here in the limo!!!" Your words have an immediate effect... we both watch as I quickly thrust my big cock inside of you... halfway in... then all the way out so you can see the tip just barely inside your opening... another forceful push - deeper this time... then halfway out... you take a deep breath in expectation and watch as I thrust as far in as my cock will go - all but the last inch... You exhale and look directly into my eyes... "Yes!!! just like that!!! make me cum!!!" In and out... in and out... my big hard cock goes deeper and deeper inside your soaking wet pussy with each long stroke... I can feel your pussy muscles quivering as they grip my cock tightly... you can feel the tip of my rock-hard cock touching the back walls of your pussy with each deep thrust... "Do you like that feeling, Lover?" I say without stopping... "do you like having a big cock deep inside your wet, wet pussy? does that make you feel hot? are you going to cum for me?" "Oh, Rory!!! yes, Yes, YES!!!" you gasp... "don't stop - I'm cumming!!!" You lock your legs around my waist and wildly rotate your hips in circles - feeling my cock touching every inch of your innermost places... this drives me wild and I can feel my sperm rising for you... "Cum with me you beautiful woman!!!" I say breathlessly... "Harder! faster!!! Oh!! Ooooooh!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!" you call out as your orgasms overtake your senses... Suddenly you feel a huge gush of my cum spray inside of you... in an instant, you are completely filled with cum - yours and mine... you can feel it slowly flowing down the insides of your thighs as we continue to make love - more slowly and tenderly now... A few minutes later, as we hold each other close, you whisper... "Oh, Rory - I'll never feel the same again when riding in a limo ..." I whisper the words you are longing to hear... "would you like to drive it now?" Into the night speeds the white stretch limo... you look so sexy wearing the black limo driver's hat... I want you all over again!

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