Behind the Waterfall by Rory Richards

by Rory Richards

You are wearing your flowing white sun dress and walking barefoot on the white sand beach... There is no one else around... as I approach, I see your womanly figure walking towards me... you are lost in thought and haven't yet recognized me... your lovely smile appears at the instant you realize that it is me... As we reach each other, embrace, and kiss, I notice that your white dress is quite translucent and the white bathing suit that you have underneath accents your figure in a most flattering way! Nearby, there is a waterfall that tumbles from the hillside and creates a nice pool... from the pool flows a small stream that flows across the beach and into the ocean... what a lovely romantic place! You kiss me again - more passionately this time... your big smile tell me that you enjoy our kisses very much! After a few minutes of kissing and talking, we begin walking together through the warm white sand towards the waterfall... The sound of the falling water gets louder as we get closer... we are holding hands and stopping once in a while to kiss... the day is perfect... The almost-invisible trail ends at the beautiful pool below the waterfall... there is no one else anywhere to be seen... "Oh, Rory - it's just you and I and no one else around!" you whisper as we hold each other close... "I'm a bit warm from walking - let's go into the water..." you say with that special smile that lets me know you are up to something... You move to help me take my t-shirt off over my head... as my head pops out, your soft lips are there waiting for mine... your kisses taste like desire... As we kiss, my fingers playfully move the straps of your sun dress off your shoulders... you take a half-step back and let it drop to the sand... I look down and can't help but notice that your white bikini compliments your smooth, tanned skin so well! your hair moves seductively in the gentle breeze... We stand there together on a flat rock overlooking the water and you decide that you want to jump off, so we hold hands and jump... SPLASH!!! As we come up to the surface, you kiss me while treading water... then you notice that there is a small hidden pool behind the waterfall and challenge me to a race... we playfully swim behind the waterfall and stand up in the water to kiss again... You press your body against my bare chest as we kiss... I put my hands on your hips and pull you against me... We are in the warm water up to our waists now... you put your hands behind me and feel my rear, pressing me against you even more firmly... your hips begin to move as you rub yourself against the growing bulge in the front of my shorts... As I kiss your neck, my hands move up to undo your bikini top... you close your eyes, tilt your head back, and smile - giving me permission... after removing your top, I look down at your beautiful breasts... your nipples are already fully aroused from the water... You close your eyes in pleasure as I bend down to kiss one nipple, then the other... then you open your eyes again and watch me - smiling... saying nothing... As our lips meet again, you run your fingers gently down the center of my back to the waistband of my shorts and begin to pull them down very slowly... I help you to take them off, and you playfully toss them up onto the shore... you take my cock in your hand beneath the water, and begin to tease it - feeling it grow for you... We kiss passionately again... you press your bare breasts against my chest - feeling the warmth, the wetness, the heat... I whisper softly... "Oh, lover - I want you so much right now..." You step out of your bikini bottom and toss it onto the shore near my shorts... we are naked together again at last! you wrap your fingers around my cock, place it between your legs, and rub the tip of it against your clit... After a couple minutes of this, you hop up in the water, put your arms around my neck, and wrap your smooth legs around my waist... my fully-aroused cock is right at the very entrance of your pussy now... Reaching behind you, your hand moves in tiny circles as you rub the very tip of my cock against your clit and then slowly, slowly guide me inside of you... you are so wet, yet so tight! I can feel every inch of your pussy gripping me as you slowly take more and more of my big cock inside you... deeper... deeper... deeper! We are making love in the water now... you cover my face with kisses, and then put your tongue into my mouth as you ride up and down... up and down... up and down! Your breathing is getting heavier now... I can tell you are getting close to having an orgasm... so am I... the water surrounds us and makes us feel light as we move with each other... kissing... touching... feeling... The warm summer sun shines on our naked bodies... Now you playfully spread your legs wide, and I quickly push as deep inside of you as I can - your pussy feels so wonderful!!! As I stroke in and out, your pussy muscles tighten, then relax - riding the whole length of my cock... our nipples brush together with every thrust... your tightness and wetness are bringing me closer and closer - my hardness is filling you completely... oh, lover!!! mmmmmmm!!! Suddenly, you tip your head back and moan loudly... your orgasm is a very strong one... this is what I've been waiting for - I can't hold back any longer and erupt deep inside of your pussy... as you feel the first warm spurt of my cum, your hungry lips find mine and we kiss as we continue to cum together... the water flows around us - making us one... Afterwards, we relax in the water, and just smile at each other... "Oh, Rory! making love with you is even better than I remembered!" you whisper breathlessly... I put my hands on your cheeks, look deep into your eyes, and reply... "thank you for being my lover... you are a beautiful woman in every way!" The sound of falling water fills our ears - it's the sound of complete satisfaction... The summer sun shines, the white sand sparkles, the water flows... We kiss again for the longest time...

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