Movin' On

by Sgs

Laura looked up from her book as she heard footsteps. It was her best friend Alex. "What the hell are you doing in this musty library on a saturday evening, girl?", she asked Laura, who struggled to control her tears."The truth was,the past two weeks had been very hard for her. A sadistic boss, a demanding job, a miserable social life....wonder what it is like to have a difficult life..?"There's a cosy party at the accenture club, coming?",Alex asked. Rightly interpreting Laura,s silence, she added,"It's time you moved on.....i know a cute guy Who's interested in you....just put on that lil' black dress and come for sometime, please...". Reluctantly, Laura went to her apartment, washed her face with cold water, got dressed,put on some gloss and mascara. She reached the club in five minutes flat. She said hello to some of her friends, and went to the restroom to touch up her she opened the door, she gasped. Her ex- boyfriend, Raol and some girl whom she didn't know were kissing passionately. They did not seem to have noticed her. She ran away as fast as her legs could carry he. The truth was, she was still confused about her feelings for Raol. He was selfish, arrogant true.. that is why they had broken up but he could still make her heart skip a beat...In her haste she collide with a she muttered he apologies and ran, he called her "Hey, don't i know you from somewhere?",she turned back to acknowledge him. He was her old classmate, Noah Pearson. "Oh my gosh...Laura!!! you have become so pretty in the last few you remember me?" ."of course, how have you been?" she asked. "Just got a degree in management...i'm hunting for a job.."he replied. As they went on talking, she completely forgot about Raol, who was sitting in the next table in the restaurant with his latest girlfriend. Noah was humourous, bright...and she found herself liking him. She looked at her watch. It had been hours and she had to go home. As she got up and told good bye, he hesitantly asked her "do you wanna go out with me?". Laura looked into his eyes and replied "yes, I would like that very much". She couln't believe sh had been depressed just a few hours back.

For all you broken hearted gals out there, cut out the self pity....who knows what is going to happen next???

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