Monsters at Bedtime

by Iain Wear

I lie in the dark, covers over my head

I don't want to see what lurks under my bed

I read books by torchlight, I'm hoping I'll find

The spell that will keep me from losing my mind

I seek other places, without leaving my room

I remember a time I was safe in the womb

It was dark, it was warm, I was always well fed

I could sleep without fear of things under my bed

And then I grew older, I lived through my teens

It's women, not monsters, that now haunt my dreams

I'd finished my homework, sit watching the box

The scary things under my bed are my socks

By day now I'm working, weekends bring me beer

The night-time returns me to my childhood fears

I can't look in the mirror, I'm scared that I'll see

That the monster I've feared all my life looks like me

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