To Be Daddy Is

by Cornelius Hampton

To Be Daddy Is

To be a father

Is to be

A lot of things

The ability to see

An act accordingly

Defiant to the rules

Of the land

Only his Fathers word

He'll trust in

Brandishing a cape

Of righteousness

Delighting in his morality

He only seeks favor

From HIS eyes

He understands that

The rod is a tool

Not to be uses

By the fool

Less they become a

Stumbling block for

The young

For even in

His home at times

His role is that of the

Bad guy

But void of that black hat

Love for him remains

Strong within them

Though at time he'll

Press tears from

Their eyes and

Strain their backs

He knows the value

Of discipline and that

The cost of fearlessness

Is to great

He stands straight

With his boots laced

Broad are his shoulders


Off his family he'll

Relieves the worlds


While he feeds his seeds

The milk from the bosom

Of Ms. Knowledge

He then wipes

Their faces with a towel

From his FATHERS graces

Pressing upon them the urgency

Of believing the truth

He doesn't flex his

Muscle in stride

He doesn't put

Much stock in


He relies on his

Ability to tread lightly

On those 10 rules

Having faith that

Those who share his

Space will follow suit

He boldly

Fights the good fight

Willfully accepts a

Chastenary plight

Understanding that

Perfection is an illusion

For the blind

Sense his eyes are

Wide open there's no reason to be out


Staying humble is a goal for the times

Which he has done

Or tries to do.


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