You Are Listening...

by Douglas Reeves

Light fades at dusk,

but returns with the buzzing lamps

illuminating the sidewalk.

Walking through the puddles of

glowing drab orange,

lost in the fogginess it emanates,

You listen,

as always,

to the litany running sleeplessly through your head,

splashed by the expensive thumping car

screeching its blue glow into your skull,

until light fades at dawn,

returns with the same sun

burning the concrete beneath your shoes.


Bridges are crossed in the breezes

of trucks

speeding heavily

through a hapless, useless, redundant

town where things change

but just enough to raise prices

and push the people on

towards something




replaced by more people


maybe richer

probably no more intelligent

crossing bridges in breezes


Macy Gray says "having money sure is nice"

don't fear

I must agree

but there are problems with it, too


I have no intention of paying for uncommitted crimes.

Taxes and the RIAA are criminal and I pay them too much.

So, I will keep that to myself, and remain the self everyone sees,

and will see,



I guess he got laid off

on american TV

ordering chinese on a

transparent green phone

too tired by the time the parade rained to put up much of a fight


When you give, you certainly do receive,

Cupid with wide eyes,

Stupid with arrows in his chest.


Cold and white fluorescence killing

What it touches

Touching what it reaches

Making fun of paying attentions

Charming the attack before

The minion's opinion

Charging the weasel with giving bonuses to the mostly deserving.

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