Ones Movement

by Nicholas J Jones

The passer-by understood the crowd to be a single identity with one common objective, destination. Cars spin through the streets passing the same crowds but no people.The passer-by understood these bodies of unison to be frequently talking, ether to each other or to other crowds through phones where they never show doubt or regret. It is found that people are dragged from sitting positions, eating routines and feelings to enter this moving mass of one. When a person enters a crowd they never join by moving head on or hustling and bustling into the front, but moving along side it and merging into the sea unnoticeably and inconspicuously. People disappear from the crowd; sub groups form offshoots and arms tear away from the trunk and sift away into nearby buildings and apartments- rushing as if starved of oxygen. Feeling the pain of doubt and regret sift back into there lives like the sun shinning through the dulling effects of the clouds.

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