by William Schroeder

I am stillness, like the tree

That bends in vigilance over me.

My drifting slumber beneath the leaves

Is endless and green in its tranquility.

A lullaby from whippoorwills

Calls down to me from atop a hill

And the sweet embrace of daffodills

With fragrant care, they keep me still.

It soon will be the dreaming time

When crickets sing an ancient rhyme

And the sun drops closer so it can find

A place to rest upon my mind.

While overhead the eagles glide

Escorting me on a spirit ride,

Across a bridge near a river's side

That runs with tears the angels cried.

The great door is open, I am freed

Like a pearl escaping the prison sea.

All I'll take is my best memory

Of me loving you and you loving me.

But I'm not ready yet to escape

For I've not mastered all my fate.

So, today I think I'll only sleep

Enough to rest but not too deep.

My hold on life is mine to keep

At least until the angels weep.

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