by Leah

The grey doors clanged shut on all the late night office workers and Emily felt her body jerk as the lift went down.

She turned around and stared at the reflection in the mirror, a mid length dark brown haired young woman with round blue eyes and a pale complexion stared back at her. Not particularly tall but not particularly small either and the same for her weight. Some would say she was rather ordinary looking but others would say different.

Emily attempted to straiten her clothes and smooth her hair, although they didn't need it. it gave her something to do until she heard the 'ping' signifying that she had reached her destination.

Stepping out onto the reception, Emily sighed, it had been a long week for her and she was sincerely glad it was over.

The cold hit her as soon as she was out the door and she exclaimed out in surprise. It was always overly warm inside the office. A drop of water came down on her cheek, she looked up and as she did more came down, ''oh just brilliant!'' she said.

Wrapping the coat around herself, she began to walk into the night.

It's funny how just being on your own at night can automatically put you on edge.

Your senses go into overdrive and everything seems a million times louder. Her feet seemed to bash the pavement floor and her heart was pounding in her chest. Emily felt compelled to look around at the empty street. Nothing was there, as she knew their wouldn't be, especially when she could hardly see anything through the rain.

But she had looked anyway and now she felt stupid. As she looked closer though she did notice something. Their was a small orange ball of light over by the central park fence. Emily realized it was a cigarette and there was a person holding it. Whether it was a man or woman she could not tell for sure because that person was bathed in night but from their body language, the way they were leaning against a tree she guessed it was a man. She had the strangest feeling he was staring straight at her but their was no way she could possibly tell.

Emily felt that this was somehow wrong why would a man be just standing there in the middle of the night, in the middle of winter and when it's raining? she thought and so she began to walk again, a little faster this time, always one to trust her instinct.

But as she carried on walking everything began to feel wrong. She saw the shadows of trees moving past and noticed how much they look like skeletal hands trying to grab her. In every shadow she expected something to jump out at her.

Emily knew she was acting irrationally but she couldn't shake this feeling that something was terribly wrong.

She saw a movement in the corner of her eye, it was fleeting and she saw it was really nothing but that was all the excuse she needed. She ran as fast as she could, criss-crossing through alley ways, trying to stay out of sight until she got to her apartment building.

Emily put the key in, wrenched down the handle, slammed the door and leaning against it. She caught her breath, as the water from her drenched hair, which stuck to her face, fell down her red cheeks.

She opened the freezer, took out a bag of chips, shoved them in oven and then yawned. She went into the lounge and there she saw a shadow sitting in the corner.

''How the hell did you get in here?!'' she demanded.

''Keys cannot stop me'' the shadow said with a very monotone voice, neither high nor low, manly or feminine. Emily began to feel scared. ''You were the one at the park earlier weren't you?!, how did you follow me?''

''The smell of fear is so easy to follow my dear'' he replied. You might imagine Emily would think this a some what odd reply, but the truth of it was that she knew she was in the room with a supernatural being. Never underestimate the power of denial.

''Well, what do you want?''

''I think you know what I want''

''Then why not kill me outside? Why wait?'' Emily yelled. Maybe I watch far too many horror films she thought, but when the stranger replied, she realized she had not been so irrational or jumped to the wrong conclusions at all.

''Why spoil the sport? I do enjoy playing with my prey'' he answered

''sadist'' she hissed

''Vampire'' he replied, coming out of the shadows and she saw he was smiling. Not in a nice way but a vicious twisted smile. Not something you see everyday and as she looked at his mouth, she noticed supernaturally sized incisors and they kept growing. As he widened his mouth, she then saw how his face was changing to god knows what. The colour of his skin was now grey and his eyes had changed into an entrancing orange. They were n6w the shape of a cat's eye and his fingernails were now like mini black knifes. The scariest thing about him though was not these features, but a certain feeling, almost as though he was empty and not really there. His eyes, apart from the shape and colour, had the certain glazed look of the dead, but yet he was walking and talking. It was too scary to explain.

As all this happened, Emily felt as shiver rise up all through her body, until her legs gave out and she staggered backwards, stumbled and fell. Her eyes popping, as her brain tried to comprehend the reality of what she was seeing. Her mouth was open as if ready to scream but it wouldn't seem to come.

As he walked towards her, she could feel a part of her telling her to run, but either, she could barely hear it, or was just incapable of doing it. He forcefully grabbed her head and pulled it up so her neck was on show. Emily tried to struggle but, he gave her a piercing look and her eyes rolled up into her head, as she fell into a sea of orange.

He smiled with satisfaction, bending down over her neck he licked slowly with the edge of his tongue. shivering in perverted ecstasy. He was clearly trying to savour his pleasure of the moment. He brushed his hard teeth against her neck one last time and bit her. He drank her rich blood deeply, mumbling and going limp as he did so. Emily woke up from her mind prison of entrancement and felt herself dying. She couldn't breathe, her lungs were full of blood and as she coughed it spilt onto the floor.

The vampire watched in a bored fascination, her blood all over his mouth.

''Try not to get it on the shoes darling, their brand new'' he said calmly and licked the blood from around his mouth obscenely. She looked up at him from the floor with tears in her eyes and her lips moved as she tried to say something but couldn't so she silently mouthed the question, ''why?'' He said fainting a hurt look ''do I need a reason? Everybody dies sweet pea, I kill indiscriminately as does god, for I am a god.'' After a pause and through sheer anger, Emily somehow found her voice ''if you are a god..'' she gurgled ''..then no wonder the world is so full of shit!'' and she purposely spat blood all over his new shoes, the best she could do. The vampire sighed, ''you do not want to make a god angry'' he said slowly and dangerously. She opened her mouth to say maybe she did want to, but the life was quickly draining out of her and she no longer had the energy to reply. He smirked knowingly and bent down to her '' I will give you a choice, you can die in this dishonoured manner at my feet or you can join me and be a god, what do u say?'' Emily wanted to say that she would rather die than be like him but she knew his game, she knew that he knew she could not agree or disagree and therefore he would take her silence as a yes because he could, therefore he would still have his honour in his eyes. He also knew she was aware of his thoughts, she could tell from the look she was giving him. ''Yes, you are a clever one you are, you will make a valuable asset.'' It disgusted her the way he was talking about her like she was her possession, but their was nothing she could do and if she was perfectly honest with herself, she did not want to die. She feared death, just as any other person does. She gave up and nodded. Losing hope, she submitted and knew she would never forgive herself for it.

The vampire pressed down his fingernail onto his wrist and enjoyed it as he dragged it across his skin and watched it bleed. He bent over her, opened her mouth and dropped the blood drop by drop into her mouth.

As the strange metallic taste went down into her stomach. She felt herself getting stronger already ''what's your name by the way?'' she enquired quietly.

The vampire looked mildly surprised by the question ''Jeremy'' he replied and she was sure he was actually blushing but that could have been the fact that he had just fed.

Emily looked at him for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. She laughed so hard, she cried. It wasn't that funny but the fact that this monster, who was killing people, destroying their lives and was so powerful could have a name like Jeremy was so utterly ridiculous that she didn't know what to say.

Suddenly she stopped in mid laugh, her mouth felt like it was burning away and then it spread out through her body until she felt like she was on fire, so hot it felt like she was freezing, so much pain that could she could barely feel it, so many thoughts she didn't know which too listen to and then she lost it and screamed, thrashing and writhing on the floor in too much pain to describe, their were no thoughts now, just the pain and the screaming, it almost seemed like her brain was screaming. Emily could half see her hands reaching out in front of her, they were bubbling and peeling away to reveal this new black skin which would turn grey later. She did not know it, or suppose it as she was not thinking but this was happening all over her body. The only difference in her that she could feel was this growing pain in her mouth that was slowly splitting her lips until Jeremy widened her lips for her.

A sudden explosion came from the kitchen and their was flying debris everywhere with burned ashes of the chips and a wave of smoke came down upon them.

Her hair was turning white and falling out from the stress, if she had gone through the pain any longer she would have gone insane but sadly that was when she died. As a mortal, her body and soul died. Her face froze and a picturesque silent scream, that would lay imprinted for eternity in the dark abyss, the forever face of the damned.

The end

authors note-i am 15 and this is a story i wrote for gcse english, am rather proud of it and i would just like to see what people think of it. please give me your opinions.

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