Too Late

by Natasha I. Strickland

Too Late

By: Natasha I. Strickland

Just when I thought things were all right

He exploded like a stick of dynamite

It happened before but he promised that it wouldn't happen again

The first time it happened was a total surprise

I shouldn't have thought twice when I looked in his eyes

He told me it was always my fault

But I was the victim of a violent assault

I thought he loved me and wanted me safe

Until the second time he hit me in the face

He told me he loved me and it wouldn't happen again

But it happened again, again and again and got even worst

The last time always became the last time

Until it was too late

I said it was the last time and I was getting out

But instead of walking out I had to be carried out

Sometimes it seems hard to get out of a violent situation; you may feel like you don't have control anymore. The abuser may have you feeling like you can't be free. The abuser may make you feel like it is your fault that things are happening this way. Just be mindful that you are in control of your life. You are in control of your future. You don't have to be in the situation you're in there are options; you must be willing to get help. Take your life back. Don't let it be you the telling the story above.

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