Write to Fight

by Rene Beauregard

One day, the day of reckoning

Sounds of soldiers marching and beckoning

Calling out all imagination, all true thought

They're not there to kill or burn items bought

Just steal, take every memory and dream

Each imagination ripping life at it's seams

Sit still, take a pen to the page

Everything written will make them go away

The pen is your sword this ink is their blood

Every ounce swells the paper, starts the flood

Each Private, Corporal, Sergeant and Captain

Drops dead on his feet, people wondering what happened

Everyone stares in awe, but those who know stand proud

It's like a secret service hidden in shroud

Figments of imagination, they could never take that

Freedom, something you can't take back

No one can truly tell you "No! You can't!

You're not allowed to sing or dance!"

They're trying to take your freedom, make you a drone

Just stand tall, you'll never be alone

Don't let them take your prise, glory, and life

Never let them substitute with "if", "but" or "might"

Keep your hand strong, keep your head high

Jus 'cause someone says so doesn't mean you have to die

Hold your ground and let your voice be heard

Because no one truly knows the powers of written word

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