The Boy and the Jar

by Caleb Jackson

The forest was awoken by the pounding of heavy hooves as fifty head of cattle trampled through the thickness of the woods with the Moo Cow Colony riders hoisted on their backs. Despite the autumn chill and harsh wind, sweat dripped from the brow of General Brown Tusk as he set the swift pace for his men. Riding by his side was the wizard called Cannedelf, who sat upon his beast of choice, a golden-feathered war hog named Bullroar.

On the other side of the forest, an unsuspecting village lay in a slumber as deep as the woods surrounding it. All of the Village People dreamed of happy things and precious moments in their lives, all but one. One boy dreamed of war. He tossed in his sleep, slashing at non-existent foes with an imaginary sword.

The sunrise broke the horizon line, as General Brown Tusk and his troops broke through the forests edge. They stormed the village trampling any early risers in their way. General Brown Tusk head butted a gardener, really hard. The gardener lost his grip on the shovel, and died.

The boy awoke, hearing fierce moos coming from outside. He remembered what his father had told him, "If ever thou shall hear the might moo of the Moo Cow Colony, I want you to take what you can to defend yourself, and make haste to the refuge of the wood." He took up his father's magic jar and shield, and moved hastily outside.

Candelf had dismounted Bullroar and was casting spells of disappearance in all directions. People were losing hair, clothes and knuckles everywhere. However, all of the fighting was momentarily put on pause as the main attraction was in the middle of the village, where Bullroar was fighting the obvious village warrior, Timothy, Son of Oliver. Bullroar, being much larger, and having thick skin, obviously had the upper hoof. In spite of this, Timothy charged at Bullroar and took him out with a single eye gouge. Before he could prepare for the next victim, Candelf cast a spell of freezingness upon him. So there stood Timothy, frozen in his position, awaiting his death. As Candelf pointed his staff at Timothy's face, he was bonked on the head really hard by a glowing jar, which killed him right away. All of the Moo Cow Colony riders, fled to their pasture.

The boy said to the frozen man, with a hug so warmed it thawed the man out. "Papa, I'll never take you for granted again, ever."

Timothy looked at his son, and said "okay".

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