My Letter to Derek

by Gianna D.


I am here, sitting, writing this damn letter to you to tell you what you don't, and maybe you do want to know. This is true, all of it, so believe your eyes, and please, don't even reply to me, because I won't even bother reading past the first line. Enjoy.

Ever since you broke up with me, life has been hell without you. I've been waiting everynight for you to come to my house, and then when it gets past 9:00, I remember you are not going to kiss me ever again. And I guess, I'm fine with not having something to do each night, I think I need "me" time from all this missing love!

I have threw your picture at the wall, twice, and I won't hesitate to throw it again. You're not with me anymore, and when I think about it, I get pissed. And I'm thinking that's why your picture is gettign beat up. :P

Salina is nothing but a piece of crap, and I'm not afraid to jump her. I admit it, I'm utterly jealous of her, but hell, I really liked you Derek. Salina can have you now, because any guy who breaks up with me, isn't in my league. Ya, I know, suprising isn't it?!

Well, Derek, I'll see you tomorrow. And in math class, I'm so asking to change my frikin' seat. I can't stand it, I'm pissed. MSAybe one day I will get over it, but not tomorrow.



That is the letter I wrote to my ex, Derek in 9th grade. I put my feelings into that one let me tell ya. Look for more true happenings from me, Gianna!

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