The Perfect Valentine

by Timothy E. Harbolic

"To the love of my life,

I am writing to you in confession, a feeling that has been with me since I first saw your face, I shall share with you"

In a red car parked outside of a small technical school in Dobbs Ferry, NY, two people engage in strong intimacy, fogging up every square inch of the cars crystal windows.

"When I see you it is almost as if my blood runs with needles, tickling my body making me cringe form your appearance. How appropriate of a day I choose, the 14th of February, Valentines Day. Any normal man would jot down a few loving words on the back of a hallmark classic accompanied by a box of Russell Stover's. However, with me, I go to the extreme. I have loved you since the day we met. Your soft voice and my semi-cocked attitude sort of meshed into position for a relationship. I reached out for you like no other, and I got what any men would desire. Since these days we have progressed to something more, meeting the parents, conversing on a regular basis, and engaging in what one would call an affair..."

The light complexioned man with dark hair combines his lips with this beautiful blonde headed masterpiece. He softly kisses her lips, and gently rubs the back of her neck just underneath the hairline. He positions his cheek next to hers using his lips as a weapon to her ear and neck. Using his right hand to rub her back and left to unbutton her shirt, while she uses her hands both on his back and chest.

"I never knew I could feel like this, for you especially. We were nothing, a mere catastrophe I must say so myself. It grew on me, this feeling that started in my stomach has moved like a disease straight to my heart. I have implied it so many times, but I have savored all of my words for today. There is no other in my life as I have told form time to time, it is only you that can satisfy what I need. A feeling, an emotion, something so strong that it makes me quiver with the sound of your name"

No clothing they are wearing as they approach each others bodies with their own. Engaging in one of the first stages of a new life, or is it just a casual fuck? The car steams with orgasmic rays of white clouds billowing along the windows. They move faster and faster until both bodies have reached their full potential of sexual strength. On a downward fall they remain soothed, and then render themselves into each other closer and closer until they both lye on the car seats comfortably, together.

"You will see me today, and I am sure my nerves will be shaking my body senseless, but I shall get through. My feelings have grown stronger from the actions that we have taken together, the rose I brought you, the presents I bombard you with. This all means so much to me, the amount of time I spend on thinking of you creates loop holes to get out of my own way. I love you. In fact, I am in love with you. No other man could conquer my heart right now, it has been built up with the strongest emotional workout, and you are its personal trainer. I am in love, and you will see when we kiss after you read this letter. I will write your name on the front of this envelope, and the rest of my letter shall written by you."

As the sex was finishing, and they are peacefully re-dressing, headlights pull into the parking lot where are parked. The headlights send a gloomed blurry light throughout the car. The car parks opposite direction, in an isle adjacent to the one containing the red car. The headlights go dark, and so does the inside of the car. A car door is opened and shut within the matter of seconds. The two young people in the red car rush to put their clothes back on, in fear of humiliation. A soft tap on the front driver's side window is heard, girl in the car responds simply by leaning forward and rolling the window down halfway. Another campus security guard set out to ruin the fun, but behind him she notices a familiar car. She notices something that causes her to become choked up. The security guard notices she is staring behind him. "He is smoking a cigarette, not having some Valentines Day fun" he pauses "I suppose we are done?" The girl doesn't answer, she just continues to stare at the car parked next to her, the one that neither her nor her accomplice noticed pull in. The security guard looks down at the left windshield wiper, and notices a pink envelope.

"Heh, looks like we already have one parking ticket. Wonder how they knew your name."

Still no response from the girl, "Well, here ya go. Take care, get home." The girl grabs the envelope from the guards hand and brings it in the car. As the guard leaves, the girl continues to stare at the car next to them. As the guard moves out from blocking vision of the driver of the un-known car, the girl becomes disgruntled and upset. The driver of the un-known car looks over at the red car with a horrifically heartbroken face filled with tears and disbelief. He slams his truck into gear and reverses his path, backwards, headed out of the parking lot.

Sometimes what we assume to be love is just another one of life false depictions of happiness. Valentines Day, if it isn't the most capitalist holiday to make its run on us, then there is no meaning to Christmas for Jesus.

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