My Hero

by Vanessa Brooks

One day you get an email telling you that I've been kidnapped, no name signed anywhere, no address, no clue whatsoever to where I am. Worried you frantically call the house number here and some guy answers, you ask him where I am and what's going on. He tells you there's an ongoing investigation and that I was indeed kidnapped. I was seen by the old woman across the road, being drug outta the house by my hair, wearing only my bra and panties. I was shoved into a light brown, ugly car that had completely disappeared by the time the cops got there. Four older ugly men had come and got me. The police filled you in on the rest and you decided to look for me, you look everywhere here in town looking for a car with the same description but find nothing. At last you decided to go down by the lake and hunt for me. Spying a brown car and 3 men talking beside it, you hide and wait for them to leave, just knowing that you had finally found a clue. But the 4th man is nowhere in sight. Hearing a woman's scream, you impatiently search around trying to locate where it came from. Seeing another man leaving a shed back behind the house, you think you've found me. Sneaking around the side of the house waiting for the man to go back inside, you hear a moaning sound like, someone in pain. Suddenly you hear the car pull back up and you hurry up and get to the shed. Breaking the lock you're finally inside. Still hearing a noise, you look around again trying to locate the sound. An old blue pool cover next to a couple of old rusted children's bikes is moving a little bit. Lifting it up u find me lying there, wearing a dirty mud streaked bra, and ripped panties. My hands and ankles are tied. And I have a rag in my mouth. Frantically trying to untie me, u didn't notice one of the men enter the shed. Hearing his footsteps on crunchy leaves, you move just in time to avoid being knocked unconscious with a rotting piece of wood. Grabbing part of an old bike frame you stab the man and kill him. Hurrying back now you finish untying me. You asked, \"Baby, did they do anything, did they hurt you?". I tell you no, they tried, but I fought them. Sneaking out back of the shed, you fumble with your cell phone trying to call the police. Trying to get away before the rest came out looking for the dead man. Hurrying to the car, through the woods we run into them and start fighting for our lives. I'm kicking, screaming, scratching, and biting. One pulls out a gun and fires it, aimed right at you for interfering with their plans. I jump in the way and get hit in the shoulder. By that time, the cops arrive and have them surrounded. The 3 are taken in and I'm rushed to the ER. It was just a graze and I was fine. You took me home and helped me wash up and then started telling me how brave I was and how sorry you were that you didn\\'t get there in enough time to get me away safely. I told you, \\\"Baby, don\\'t worry about it. I\\'m fine and I'm back and all yours." Gently stripping my bra and panties off, you kiss my belly. Getting shot made my adrenaline high, so I'm horny as hell; I hurry up and take your clothes off of you too. I want on top but you won\\'t let me. Afraid I'll hurt myself cuz the wound. I stretch out beneath you content to just lay there but wanting more than that. You feel that I'm already slick, so you start to slide in. You know so well what to do. Caressing my breasts, trailing kisses down my neck and collar bone. Pounding into me. I wrap my legs around you and lift to meet your thrusts. Forcing u deeper as I push up and you push down. Grabbing my hips you pound in faster and even harder. Bruising my inner thighs with the force of it. Never did you think it could be so good. Feeling my self start to tingle inside, knowing it won\\'t take much to make me cum now; I slide a pillow up under my butt to allow for deeper penetration. Feeling you expanding inside me touching the back wall inside of me. Filling every nook and cranny inside. Knowing your about to cum too. I start seeing stars and I know I can't hold back any longer. Moaning your name, I start to tighten more inside and I hang onto your shoulders. You're panting with exhaustion. As it gets more intense, I dig my nails in a little and scratch your back up some. But you don't care; you're too lost in the heat of the moment. Too lost to feel anything except you spilling into me. Feeling you're hot cum spilling in my pussy, I push my hips up more making sure not a drop is wasted by dripping onto the bed. I want it all in me. Finally coming completely, I scream your name. Grunting and groaning your finish up, letting my pussy milk every last drop out of your dick. Completely drained you just collapse on top of me, and I'm comforted by you laying there, knowing it was because of me, you were so exhausted. You tell me that you love me. And I tell you, \"I love you too baby, you're my Hero.\"

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