What Is Love?

by Jordan Wellnitz

What is love?

Why does it fade?

How does something that was once so fiery and bright become so dull and gray?


What is love?

Don't go away.

I need that spark to keep moving forward.

Why do people so close drift so far apart?

Why do good things never last?

Where did the burning passion between us go?

Did it all just disappear?


What is love?

Why does life get in the way?

Why can't happiness just stay?

How do I reignite the flame,

the burning passion we once shared?

Are we just too different to work?

Is love not enough any more,

in this crazy, self-obsessed world?


What is love?

In the end, is love only a fairy tale?

Is it only meant to burn briefly and then leave you empty?

Will anything ever truly fill this void of blackness I feel within me?


What is love?

Maybe it's just not for me.

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