Do I?

by Jordan Wellnitz

I love you,

I truly do.

And I want so bad for that to be enough.

But, sometimes, I worry that love isn't enough.

My romantic ideals are fading, dying,

to accommodate for your lacking.

Do I really want to give up on the hope of romance?

Do I really want to be for affection for the rest of my life?

I know you're trying,

but I don't know how much more romantic death I can handle.

I feel my soul slowly withering away every day I go without hearing from you.

And, honestly, I can't lower my expectations any more than I already have to make up for your life.


We're supposed to be a team, right?

Like Jesse and James, peanut butter and jelly,

and all the other cliches you probably couldn't think of.

But we're not.

We're just two people.

Two people who hardly talk.

Two people who can barely find the words to say when we do finally speak.

Two people who have to struggle to see each other.

Two people who, when we do finally see each other, do nothing whatsoever.

Two people who are so broken,

neither of us really know how to love ourselves, let alone each other.

I want so bad for our love to be enough,

so I'll keep trying.

I'll keep hoping that we'll make this thing work.

Because, I hate to give up.

And, because, I love you.

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