The Warriors Origin

by Anony Mous

The Warrior

My parents, they died when I was a boy,

And I was raised by my uncle and aunt;

I helped them with the farm, and I was happy,

But adventure yearned in my heart

I left my uncles farm, ran from the quiet life

I wanted to be a rich nobleman, so nave was I

I sought adventure, but none did I receive

Until one cold night, on midwinters eve

I found myself upon a doorstep

Belonging to a great Lord

I arrogantly called for an audience

Thinking to become his champion

The lord, amused, granted me an audience

But before I could say a word, he spoke

Boy, who do you think you are?

To demand an audience from me

Do you know who I am,

I am the lord of this land

I am the advisor to the king

Commander of a Thousand Blades is my title

And you think I can use you?

You dont even own a blade,

Youre not strong enough to put arrow to bow,

And you dont know how to fight.

I bowed my head, for all that he said was true

But as I turned to leave he spoke again,

However boy, there is something about you,

Something that intrigues me

Be it your lack of fear or your audacity

I will teach you to fight, for I am without

An heir, and in return for training you

When I die, you will replace me

I was speechless, never in my wildest dreams

Had I imagined such a turnabout in my fate

And when spring arrived I was taught to fight

And I quickly learned that it was not as simple as I thought

Over time the blade became a trusty companion

Always by my side when I needed it

And the bows sweet song was forever in my ear

Comforting me, teaching me, encouraging me

For ten long years I trained,

The Lord became like a father to me

And He looked upon me as he would look upon a son

And wanting to impress my father, I trained often

So my knowledge grew, but I yearned for adventure

I grew bored practicing day and night

Then, it happened, my lord received a summons

Calling him and his knights to battle

My heart leapt with joy, I was ecstatic

What a fool I was, to think war would be fun

With light spirits and dreams I marched to battle

Not knowing the price I would pay

We met the enemy in a lonely forest

Known to the locals as Druids wood.

We saw the enemy, and I was happy,

For finally I was having an adventure

I drew my blade and rushed into the fray

Headstrong and proud, I thought myself the best

I fought, my blade singing its sweet song

As my enemies fell around me

But among the enemy there was a spearman

And seeing how his comrades fell before me

He thought to make a name for himself

He took aim with his spear and let fly, he could not miss

But as the spear almost reached me

Someone pushed me out of the way

Saving my life, but taking the spear in their side

I ran at the spearman and slew him, not knowing who had saved me

After the battle I returned to the place

Where I had almost met Death

And lying there, with a spear in his side,

Was my mentor, my Lord

With tears hot in my eyes I left that wood

My lord buried where he fell

And I was forced to take my place,

As his heir, Commander of a Thousand Blades

Fifty years have passed since that day,

Since then I have been married and become a legend,

They say I am the greatest swordsman to have ever lived

The bards sing ballads about my countless adventures,

But amidst all my adventures the one

I remember is the one in which

My lord gave his life so that I would live

But that is a tale that shall never be told

I am without peace; the memories of that battle haunt me

I will forever carry the burden of my mentors death,

The death of a man who was a father to me

The man who made me what I am.

No man can live forever,

That is something now learn

My sight grows dim,

And I can no longer draw my bow or lift my blade

As my eyes close for the last time

I see myself lying there and I see my wife weeping,

I see them carrying my body to the Druids Wood,

I see them burying me beside my mentor.

As I turn away and watch the crowds mourn my passing

A man approaches me, Come, he says

I look at him startled, for it is my old mentor

Come boy, let us go to the place where death exists no longer

So I go with him now, to the place where adventure never ends

I am happy, for I know that I will never be tired,

Every day shall be a new adventure,

And I shall forever be joyful, for I have found peace.

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