You Belong to Me

by John A Houser

                                     You belong to me.

This will warm me up and Ill be ready for the day, said Bobby.

And the toast and eggs and the pancakes too, said Tommy

The radio was playing and the news was on. Two more cars was stolen last night, the police has no clues of who involved.

I think Butch Larson is in on those stolen cars, said Bobby.

Yes, But we have to prove it first, Tommy said.

Thanks for having me over for breakfast Mrs. Clark, Tommy said.

You are welcome Tommy, come over anytime.

Bobby stood up and pushed his chair under the table, Mom, I will be home late tonight, Tommy and I have a few things to do.

Bobby and Tommy were walking to school and they saw a new girl heading for the door of the school.

Hey, we got a new girl in our school, Tommy said.

I want to get to know her better, Bobby said.

Tommy and Bobby waiting in the class room for the teacher to start the class and the teacher and the new girl walked to the front of the class, Class I would like to introduce our new student Cindy Lou, she just transferred here.

Butch stood up, waving his hands, Come sit with me Cindy.

Butch! Sit down and shut up, said the Teacher.

Teacher told Cindy to sit in front of Bobby.

Cindy was walking toward Bobby, and he thought, hair of gold and lips like cherries.


Bobby and Tommy walking home they saw Cindy Lou talking to some of the other girls from her class.

Maybe I can go and talk to her now, Bobby said.

Butch Larson ran up behind her and grabbed her at the waist and twirled her around and then let her go.

Cindy slapped him across the face, Who do you think you are doing that?

I am your love of your life, thats who I am and taking you to the record hop in two weeks.

In your dreams Buster, get lost.

Bobby, should I go over and punch him out?

No, I think she is handling it just fine.

Then a Black Trans Am drove up and Butch got in and they drove away.

Wonder what that is all about, Tommy said.

I dont know, lets go to my house and watch the ball game, the Angels play the Diamondbacks, and I hope we didnt miss it.

Want to stop and pick up some Burgers and fries for the game?

Thats a good Idea, I am hungry.

Good, McDonalds is right here.


The Black Trans Am pulled into a warehouse on Carson St, and pulled around back.

Its about time you got here butch.

Whats going on?

  We got a customer that wants parts now, and hes got the cash.

Well what does he want?

He wants tires and rims and engine parts.

Well give me a list of what he wants, and the year of car and Ill go to work.

Why are you acting so silly Butch?

I think I am in love, we got a new girl in school, her name is Cindy Lou and I am going to take her to the record hop in two weeks.

What does she look like?

Shes got long blond hair, about 5 9 wearing cut off jeans and a white shirt.

Just keep your mind on your work.

Hey, its your Brother now, and he stole that red 1996 Ford Taurus GLC .

Hey, Butch Park this in back we will work on it later. And take off the license plates.

We dont want anyone to see 2HEP244.


Tommy, this is Saturday lets go to McDonalds for Breakfast, well take your car.

As they were pulling into the parking lot, they saw that Black Trans Am pulling out of the parking lot.

Tommy lets try to follow that car, and see where it goes.

Tommy and Bobby followed the Black Tran Am to a warehouse on PCH.

Lets go back to McDonalds and have Breakfast, we will come back later after closing and look around maybe we can find something.

As they were walking into McDonalds they saw Cindy Lou sitting at a booth with a friend.

Hi, my name is Bobby.

I saw you today at school, in the English class.

You are the new girl?

Yes, this is my first day.

Can I buy you a Coke?

Hey Bobby, This is my friend Emily.

This is my Friend Tommy.

Hi, how are you Emily?

Bobby, Emily just had her car stolen last night.

What kind was it?

It was an old Ford, Why would anyone want to steal that old thing?

I dont know, something is going on here.

Cindy can I ask you a Question?


Theres a record hop in a few days, would you like to go with me?

Yes, it will be fun.

Maybe your friend would like to go with Tommy.

Emily would you like to go with me to the record hop? asked Tommy.

Yes, I would.

At that moment Butch walks in to McDonalds and see that Cindy and Bobby is sitting together, and he rushes over grabs Cindy hand and pulls her up and put his arm around her waist and tells Cindy. You belong to me Cindy, stay away from these Clods.

Cindy Turns around and slaps Butch on the face, I dont belong to anyone, so buzz off buster.

Bobby gets up and walks over to Butch and pushes him, Get out and leave us alone.

Butch pushes back and swings at Bobby, Bobby ducks and comes up with a jab to the stomach.

Butch grabs his stomach and bends over; Bobby grabs him by the collar and his belt.

Tommy, open the door I am throwing some trash out, come back when youre in a better mood.

OK. Cindy we got to go, we will see you later in school.


Tommy, its midnight now, lets go to that warehouse now.

Bobby and Tommy get to the warehouse and find it all lock up.

Lets go around back and look around.

Tommy, look at all of these Plates in the trash.

At that moment a light was shinning in their eyes.

Stand up real careful and put your hand behind your head, you boys are under arrest.

What for? said Bobby.

Breaking into and entering private property.

I am Bobby Clark, where is Sgt Holmes he knows me.

Hes not here, be back in the morning, you stay here for the night.

Do you want to call your parents?

No, its one in the morning and their sleeping.

Tommy looked at Bobby and said Well Stanley this is another fine mess you got us into.

Just relax, Sgt Holmes will be here in the morning and let us go.

Sgt Holmes entered the office carrying a box of donuts. What been going on here Hal?

Not much, we got couple of boys in the lock up, they say they know you.

Who are they?

The one is Bobby Clark and the other is Tommy Lewis.

Yes, I know them; there are a couple of amateur detectives that going to get themselves in trouble. Bring them out Ill talk to them.

Bobby, how many times have I told you to stay out of trouble?

I know, but I think I know who been stealing cars.

And how do you know this?

Well, we followed a Black Trans Am to Larsons auto body.

And what did you find?

Thats when we went back after they closed, and we found some License plates in a trash can behind the building.

I talked to a girl from school and she told me that her car was stolen, and she told me her license plate number, and I saw that plate in the trash, thats when we got caught.

You boys go on home now, and we will look into Larsons auto body ourselves.

The next day at school Butch saw Cindy sitting alone, he walks up to her.

Cindy, if I acted like a total idiot at McDonalds I want to apologize and try to make it up to you.

Thats alright I guess, I dont belong to anyone. said Cindy.

Well, the record hop coming up this week-end, and I was wondering if you would go with me?

No, I am going with Bobby Clark.

Stay away from that loser, I will pick you up and we can go.

I told you I am going with Bobby.

Ill pick you up and you be ready.

The next morning, Bobby was reading the newspaper.

Tommy, there have been three more stolen cars; I still think Butch is in on it.


Bobby and Tommy entered the record hop; they were playing Hound Dog by Elvis Presley.

Do you see Cindy? asked Bobby.

No, there is Emily, Cindys friend lets ask her.

They started to play Great Ball of fire by Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby walked up to Emily.

Hi Emily, Have you seem Cindy Lou?

No, Shes not here yet.

Lets go Tommy, see if we can find Cindy.

Bobby and Tommy drove to Larsons auto body shop to see if Cindy was there, they went around to the back and looked into the window and Cindy was there tied up.

We got to get there and get Cindy.

How are we going to get Cindy, all of them are in the shop? said Tommy.

We better call Sgt Holmes of whats going on here.

I will go back to the car and call him on my cell phone. said Tommy.

Sgt Holmes this is Tommy Lewis, we are at Larsons they have kidnapped a Friend of ours and bobby is trying to get in and we need your help.

Dont do anything; well be there in a Flash.

Bobby is still looking for a way to get in and he noticed a back door, but the door is locked, he tried the windows and he saw the door opening. He rushed over and grabbed the door and the person that was opening it.

Bobby swing and hit him in the jaw and knock him out, and Bobby got in trying to find Cindy.

He saw where Cindy was tied up and started for her and Butch saw him.

Hey! There is Bobby get him.

You come after me coward.

Butch started towards Bobby and he grabbed a wrench and started to swing at Bobby, Bobby ducked and hit Butch in the stomach, then he hit Butch on the back of neck and knocked him down.

Thats when Sgt Holmes busted in the shop.

Everybody just stay put you are all under arrest.

Butch, you just stay down. said Bobby.

Bobby went and untied Cindy,

Are you alright Cindy?

I think so.

We can still make it to the record hop Cindy, you want to go?

Yes, lets just out of here.

Bobby and Cindy entered the record hop and Tommy and Emily was dancing to Love me tender by Elvis.

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