An Unreal Dream of Eternal Happiness

by Shubham Jain

Timothy used to go to the Town Square every night. Through his binoculars, which he had found broken and had repaired himself, he used to watch into the houses of families, those happy families which he had always wished for himself, and cry, blaming god for making him an orphan.

A young lady also used to watch him from a distance but never had the strength to talk to him. One night she found Timothy crying beside a lampost with his head buried in his hands. After gathering her strength she asked at last,"Dear kid. you should be at home at this late night." He replied while his eyes were still red,"If only I had one miss, If only I had..." and started sobbing again. "Don't say-" she started; but he finished in the loudest of his voice "Yes,Yes! I'm an orphan. A kid without a family!!"and with eyes run out of tears he hid his face behind his shoulders and punched the lampost, moaning.

She stretched her arms, grabbing him she pressed him to her bosom as hard as she could saying, "Don't ever say that again Tim, you have me now."Then they both burst into tears. Timothy with his unreal happiness held her with his both hands tightly and wished that this dream could last forever.

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