Dusty and Tristan Troubled Boy and Perfect Girl

by Madison Darrah

Once upon a time not very long ago, this beautiful, perfect, intelligent girl met a very troubled, handsome, young man. She instantly fell in love with him, for all the wrong reasons. Thats not the way that he felt because he knew she had no idea about his past and what was entailed. From her point of view she thought that he was the most perfect guy a girl could ask for. He was really good looking, only flirted with one girl. Which was her. People think that they were meant to be together because they had different backgrounds. She could keep him in line when he was doing wrong. Every time that they were together they felt invincible and they could conquer the world but that was until the moment when their parents found out that they were dating. They had three choices, either they would break up, sneak around to see each other and have dates or they would have supervised dates. They made in the negotiation that it was option three but we all know what that means, they would still sneak out to go on dates. At first she didnt like that idea, but he was able to convince her to do that. By him doing this they were able to make a stronger bond that she had with no one. They had a very trusting relationship, this made them move faster then most couples their age. They were moving at the speed of a college relationship, not as high school juniors and seniors. The way that they were around each other was unable to be described it was that elegant and amazing. Everyone was wondering how they would make it through everything, the drama, what people said about them and how they are the people that they would never see being together. The way that he treats her is the most unbelievable thing ever. He treats her like she is the only one who understands him. The only one who loves him and the only one that he will ever love. This continues until their very first couple fight, it was about one of his ex girlfriends what she had said to her and how she thinks thats what their relationship is about. Luckily the fight ended and they were fine and didnt fight until one of her ex boyfriends came around and said the same things as did his ex girlfriend had said. It had turned out that they were dating and wanted to take them down. They weren't dating each other for love they were dating to get back at each others exes and they both knew that. Until she fell for him and it turned into a disaster. She got pregnant and then he hated her. They broke up four times and got back together every time. They ended up getting married at the time they were both graduated. Then Dusty and Tristan went to college got married and loved the same person until the day that they died. They died together in bed, laying side by side. They had three kids. Michael, Timothy, and Maria. The kids were the one who discovered them the morning of death, June twenty-second, two thousand and fifteen.

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