The Five Biggest Home Remodeling Mistakes

by Beverly Turner

Some remodeling projects are foolproof, replacing the front door for instance. Its such a simple project that virtually nothing can go wrong and the project is sure to pay for itself in added value to the home. Other remodeling projects are not so easy and there are countless pitfalls awaiting the unsuspecting homeowner. Here are five of the biggest home remodeling mistakes and tips for avoiding them.

Investing in the wrong projectsWhile no remodeling project will completely pay for itself dollar for dollar, there are some projects that are safer investments than others. Some projects tend to recoup most of their costs while others tend to be money pits. If youre remodeling with the hopes of selling your home, simply tackling the projects you think are most important is an easy way to lose a lot of money. Instead, do your homework first and read up on what homebuyers want in a new home.Real estate agents are also great sources of information when it comes to deciding on which remodeling projects to focus on.

Thinking bigger is betterMany homeowners make the mistake of doing more than they have to when it comes to remodeling. Homeowners whose kitchens are outdated, for instance, are more likely to spend thousands on a total kitchen remodel when new countertops and cabinets would suffice. Though it might seem like bigger really is better, often, tackling several smaller projects throughout the house is going to be a better investment than pouring all of your remodeling budget into one or two major remodeling projects.

Doing it yourselfTaking care of a remodeling project yourself is a great way to get the most out of a limited remodeling budget. If youre replacing appliances, your front door, or your cabinet hardware, doing it yourself is not a problem. More major projects, however, should be left to professionals. If your project will include electrical, plumbing, or roofing work, hire the right professional for the job. If your project involves tearing down walls, youll want to be sure theyre not load bearing walls, youll want a professional to make those decisions. Paying more for a professional is better than doing it yourself and making costly mistakes.

Chasing the trendsWhile its perfectly fine to research what is currently trending when it comes to home remodeling, dont base all of your decisions on whats popular currently. Trends come and go and you may be stuck with a big investment that wont recoup any costs.

Paint and carpetRepainting the homes interior and replacing the carpets are popular remodeling projects because homeowners assume that they are important projects for prospective buyers but this is not the case. Most homeowners intend to repaint and carpet the home to their own liking after moving in. Unless the paint is badly chipped or the carpets very worn, dont spend the money on repainting or carpeting. If you do need to repaint or carpet your home, choose neutral colors that will be appealing to the largest number of people possible.Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by BaseBoardRadiatorCover.comSource:

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