Just Say It

by The Tones

    "It shouldn't be this hard you know"


    "Seriously, stop. Just say it."

    "I don't know what you mean."

    "Quit the bullshit. Don't be scared. Just say it."


    "Okay! Fine! Don't fucking say it!"

    "No, no, no, okay....I'll say it."

    "Okay...then...will you mean it when you do?"

    "If I'm going to say it, then I mean it."

    "If it's this hard to say it, then does that mean that you don't know if it's going to be true when you say it."

    "I'm too high for this... No. It means that I'm....afraid."

    "Of the feeling or the actual act of saying it?"

     "The after. That's what I'm afraid of. When you say something like that your mind knows that you aren't bullshitting and it latches on to that saying like a lifeline. Everything that you tried to hold back by not saying it is there on your shoulders now and you can only hope that it doesn't crush you in the end."

    "Oh....I can see why you don't want to say it then. It's fine. Really. I understand."

    "I love you."


    "I said I love you."


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