The Genii

by Mohammad Skati

It was a long time ago when we were little kids ,they used to tell us that ghosts and genii are dwelling or walking in certain places ... Among the graves and those haunted palaces like that of the Saa'da Palace in the Patos Orchard were invisible creatures ... Our grandparents ,who used to live in the third floor ,used to narrate full stories about Satans ,ghosts,and even genii ... They believed that these invisible creatures were everywhere ... We immediately got scared and because it was in the nighttime we refused to go downstairs to our 2nd floor ... In fact me ,my brothers,and my sisters remained in our grandparents' third floor until the next morning simply because we got scared from those invisble creatures ... In fact the Saa'da Palace which it was amid the Patos Orchrd was haunted and its landlord had left a long,long time ago ... Some people believe that Satans,ghosts,and genii are anywhere and everywhere while some other people believe that they might be or not ,but it depends ... Even if someone does not show any fear ,but there might be times where those invisible creatures move here and there ... __________________________________________________________________

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