Bittersweet Life Lesson

by Golden Truth

My ex got someone pregnant two months after we moved 15 minutes away from each other, after 4 1/2 years. Because we couldn't live in the same house with each other anymore. Domestic violence, and my daughter who had just lost her father was witnessing this man verbally abusing me, and hitting me. I loved him, but it was time to take time for myself. He got a woman pregnant who is 9 years older then him, and she has 2 younger children, and 2 older daughters. Her daughter was the kid that got kidnapped in Philadelphia and she ate through the tape, strong kid. But besides that, the woman knew of me she seen me everyday, and fell for my ex flirtatious ways. I always told him that he was gonna flirt with the wrong one. He was looking out for himself beings though, when I moved he would have to move back in with one of his parents. So he set up a plan b, move in with the woman right around the corner that I already had a feeling about. And he lied right to my face when I asked him if it was her who he got pregnant, oh he was so embarrassed. The man cried and carried on. And that was before I actually knew who the woman was who was pregnant. I found out it was her when she was 8 months. She had this look to her like she wasn't shit, and that she would fuck anyone that made a little bit of money. Even though their credit scores are fucked up. Life lesson. I was messing with the wrong man, he put his hands on me, treated me wrong and to top it all off he couldn't find a woman who was better. He found someone with more baggage, way more past sexual partners, a record, more children, most likely on section 8, and she had her 5th baby by him. The things a man will do to try to make you hurt. It didn't work, Wanted to kick some ass though. But it did open my eyes to how bad my taste was at choosing men. He was lucky to have ME, not the other way around. While I was pushing him to be better and to stop sitting around. He became better. Got his license, his own car. He obtained a job that he liked. I stopped focusing on myself. Bad move. Though I was young, I was at a point in my life where I was confused as to which way to go in my life. Sometimes we need experiences, time, and mistakes to know which way to go. I feel like I'm blessed that she kept that baby after he tried to make her get an abortion, or I would still be with him right now. We would still have each other to run to when we got lonely, or didn't wanna be alone. Being with someone for all the wrong reasons will get you taught all the right reasons why it was wrong in the first place.

??Stay Blessed.

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