To the Very End

by DJ Park

It was warm. Around 7am. I calmly awoke from my sleep as she shook my shoulder. I looked at her, half asleep.

"We're going down." She said to me quietly.

Time stopped.

Suddenly, I was frozen in space. I remembered the day I first met her. The day I started to like her. The day we told each other everything. I knew, back in 2005 that we would be together to the very end. 120 Seconds left...

A Memory: Thursday, February 17th, 2005

We were hanging out at the pizza place by the school one day, and we had a long conversation. I learned that she too liked rock music. I learned that she watched the same TV shows that I watched. I found out that she had been bullied in 7th grade just like I was in 8th. I learned that we had endless traits and experiences in common. I looked into her pretty brown eyes and learned that I liked her.

Here we were, 10 years and 2 months later, staring into each others eyes...I still liked her, I still shared the same traits and experiences, I still felt the same way. 90 Seconds left...

A Memory: Monday, December 13th, 2004

Monday. I hated Mondays. I reluctantly got ready for school, I got in my half-dead Volvo and drove myself to school, ready for another waste of time. December 13th, the day that would become the best day of my life. I pulled into my usual parking spot, and locked the door. About half way across the parking lot, I walked into the path of an oncoming car. I got hit. A girl emerged and ran over to me asking if I was okay. She was going slow enough that I only scratched up my arms a little bit. I told her it was no big deal and we started to talk...and that's when we became friends.

I still have a scar from that incident on my right arm. She still has the same car that hit me 10 years ago. I realized that our relationship started with a crash and would end with one. 60 Seconds left...

A Memory: Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

We were both in college. We didn't go to the same school, but both schools were close driving distance from each other, so we'd meet every weekend. One day, she called me because her car was getting work done and she needed to drive up to Connecticut. I told her that I'd drive her because I didn't want her to go alone. We took the 6 hour drive in my 1987 Volvo 740 and put the time in the car to good use. We went into the details about our childhood life, our views of the world, our life experiences. I still remember every word she said.

At one of the rest stops, I looked at her, and said. "I love you." I grabbed onto her hand and looked into her eyes. I didn't know what to say at that moment, but sometimes, the silences are more meaningful than the words. 30 Seconds left...

I remembered all of these moments as if they had happened 10 seconds before. Back in 2005, our journey began together, now, in 2015, it would end together.

I looked at her, and said. "I love you." I grabbed onto her hand and looked into her eyes. 20 seconds left...I didn't know what to say at that moment. She knew what I was thinking. She knew just as well as I did that our existence together would end just as it had began. 10 Seconds left...Suddenly everything started to shake. We knew in 2015, that we would be together, to the very end...

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