Sex Time

by April Baker

As I lay semi sleep someone is texting me.. I know it could only be one person who would want Sasha this time of night. I call him Melt cause thats how he makes my body. The text said I'm on the way it's 11pm this was the only time he could escapeI quickly jumped up pulling off my panties and bra to shower. Feeling very excited cause it's been two weeks since I last seen him he stands about 6'3 with very broad shoulder muscular he picks me up as if I was light as a feather, his skin so smooth and chocolate a smile that just takes me there... As I'm trying to decide which dress I lotion down with his favorite lotions he recently surprised me with. I slip on a tight fitting short black number.. Another text Lets fuck outside

I put on shoes and bolted to the front door. I'm smiling from ear to ear cause I know what he's about to do to me... I opened the car door he greets me by grabbing my bottom lip with his lips I could feel he missed me. I place my hands on his face to bring him closer to me his foot slips off the break. I'm ready for him to take me now but we must find a place to park. Only we find a place quiet to ourselves he cuts the car off only on playing our favorite late night radio station he looks at me with those sexy brown eyes, I can't stop biting my finger nails something I only do around him. He says I've missed you. Me I'm very petite 5'2 135lbs breast are plump and juices size 10 I sit up to lend over him while he's in the driver seat slowly kissing him I look down he is hard as rock I tease him with little kisses then he whispers I want to taste youNot before I taste you. I replied, He rubs his hands down my back knowing that's my weakest point. I kiss all over his penis and licking it all the way down to his balls he moans loudly putting his fingers in my head. Deep throating him repeatedly till he couldnt take much more I had to hear my name and I wasnt stopping till

I heard Sas..ha it was so intense I sat on top of him kissing all over him ridding him as if I was the number one cowgirl. He placed his hands at my hips to assist me pulling me up and down so hard I felt myself about to explode but I was trying hard to hold it in.. I just couldnt anymore I squeezed so hard and he took me to a place I exploded all over him he knew it too so he kept going. Got off him and he said oh You lay on your back you're not getting off that easy I gotta taste you I closed my eyes it felt like warm butter just so sweet he had the sweetest kisses down there. He knew to stay right on top he stuck two fingers and kept sucking and trying to hold me down This man had everything I needed I bust again only this time it came out hard squirting on his face he looked at me amazed.. you finally did it,,I guess you been practicing? We laughed as I turned around for the doggy-style blow out his Truck was so big but it was starting to get heated the windows were fogged up. He kisses my neck as he slowly put it in I bite my bottom lip this warm feeling I get can't be explained he's truly my Melt.

He pulls on my hair giving me true service grabbing my neck with both hands going as fast as he could squeezing my neck at the same time I could tell he was about to let go cause the grip around neck became tighter I'm throwing it back to him like I know he doesnt experience often he bites me softly and lets go making a noise I only hear him make when he reaches that point of his climax. He kisses me on the back of my neck and gets out of the hot truck I'm laying on the seat at this point cant really move. He is still moaning firing up a blacknmild I'm slowly putting myself back together cause after an hour of pure excitement we both have to part ways once again. The drive back to my place is quiet we say our goodbyes.. Until next time.


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