by Ellisa Finnell

     In the mist of the dark dreary night a figure began to grow. It slowly strode forward edging closer to the scared girl. Even from afar its cold menacing pure evil could be sensed. The girls body was frozen unable to move. Her voice was caught in the throat, unable to scream. Her body shook fiercely. Her mind begged her to run, begged her to scream, to hide, anything but she couldnt move. The figure drew closer the darkness seemed to rise around it shielding the talk dark beast. The poor girl knew it was evil, she could smell it rotten flesh. She could feel its fury. The mist began to grow thicker and thicker turning into a dense almost a green fog. She could no longer see the black mass, but she knew in her bones it was still approaching filled with dark rage. Suddenly her body began to work, slow at first, 1, 2, 3 small steps she took behind her. Then finally the scream that had been trapped in her throat tore out piercing the utter silence. Her body whipped around and her feet pounded heavy on the wet leaves, as she began to run. She ran as far and as fast as she possibly could. Her chest grew tight as the cold air tried to fight down to her screaming lungs. Her lungs began to itch as a sharp cramp in her side finally slowed the girl. The fog was still thick and the night so dark as if there was no moon in the sky. Surrounded by thick woods, the branches hung all around her. Her body gave up she fell to her knees tears flooding her eyes. Her nose dripping snot, she tried to feed her burning lungs, her deep breathes were desperate. She heard it not far behind her. The crunching leaves, twigs snapping, she knew she had to get up, she had to keep running. Managing to get to her feet she began a slow jog. Mentally she scolded her body telling it to shut up, to stop complaining. Her aching body continued along, just as a lightning bolt struck high above sending a branch tumbling down. Crashing to pieces inches in front of her. Her scream didnt falter this time it rung out uncontrollably echoing throughout the large forest. She was losing all hope as she ran as fast as her legs would allow. She knew they couldnt carry her much further. But she could hear the dark mysterious beast not far behind her. Stopping wasnt an option. Her whole body begged her to stop. She knew it could kill her at any moment, but for some twisted sick reason it was keeping her alive. Simply toying with her, it was a game to this... this sick unexplainable creature. The whole time she knew it wasnt far behind. She never spared a look back, not wanting to see. Just as her body was finally about to give in and her mind agreed. She saw a light far in the distance glowing brightly. Her mind full of hope shouted orders at her. Run, be quite, and stop crying! But her body was unable to run now, and her weak feet unable to step accordingly to the fallen branches, and her tears flowed all on their own. She did however walk determinedly towards the bright light, falling few times but managing to get back. The fog began to cloud around her mind as if it was draining the tiny energy she had left. Encouraging her to give in, pressing heavily upon her making her more tired than she should be, urging her to fall again, and again. When she was ten feet or so from the light she fell and couldnt get up. Then sleep or something else entirely took her. She awoke standing scared on a dark and dreary night. Staring at a dark being growing in the distance. She was stuck reliving the horrible night over and over again, never getting to the light. The horror of having to relive the night was unfathomable. With no answer or understanding.

The end

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