Dear, Mirror; Dear, Beautiful

by Jordan Wellnitz

Mirror mirror

on the wall,

tell me what it's like to feel beautiful.

Tell me what it's like to gaze at you

and smile at the reflection that gazes back.

Mirror mirror,

tell me what it's like

to not hate my reflection.


Mirror mirror,

with cracks all over,

tell me what it's like

pull on a dress without wanting to cry.

Tell me what it's like

to not scream my hate at the ugly thing you show me.

Mirror mirror,

tell me what it's like not to pinch the disgusting excess that covers my form.

Tell me how to stop myself from

abusing you for your honesty.


Mirror mirror,

in pieces on the floor,

I desperately need you to tell me how to

feel beautiful without starving myself.

How do I consume without feeling the

guilty need to purge myself of the sustenance?

Please, I beg you, Mirror,

make me stop feeling the need to carve all of the sickening fat

off this grotesque thing.


Please, Mirror, forgive me.

I am so despicable...




Oh, sweet girl,

I don't have the answers you yearn for.

You stare into me,

day after day,

only ever seeing your impurities.

But all I see as you gaze into me

is how beautiful you are.


Please, beautiful broken girl,

do not scream or cry any longer.

Do not pinch your soft skin to the point of such pain.

That dress looks so wonderful on you!


I am begging you,

stop starving your body,

stop purging and carving.

You are already the most beautiful girl

I have ever seen.


Nothing pains me more than watching you hate yourself,

not even when you smashed me to pieces.

I don't understand why such pressure

has been put on your burdened shoulders,

and I likely never will.


Society does not determine your worth, and

the number on the scale does not determine your beauty.


the Mirror.

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