My Son

by Kim Langley

As I sit here tonight and regress in time

A thousand memories of you come to my mind

The first time I held you, so tiny and small

I knew God had given me the best son of all...

You came to me just weeks before my dad went away

God took him, but left you to stay

I watched this boy child learn how to crawl

When learning to walk I'd pick you up after a fall...

You were soon going to school and playing little league

Every so often a hug from me you would still need

Each day with you brought me such joy and pleasure

Those were golden years that I'll always treasure...

Before I was ready you had graduated from high school

And started your life, playing by your own rules

The times you would hug me as you walked out the door

You never saw my silent tears, begging for one more

The times we would sit and talk of your lifes plans

Made my heart sing to know of your good moral stand

You have your own life now and friends to call your own

I have to remember that you were given to me on loan

Sometimes I go to your room, and stare into the past

I relive memories and wonder why they passed so fast

I just want you to know I thank God for you each day

I know Daddy smiles as he looks down on you Cameron Ray

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