Choose Your Level of Bathroom Remodel

by Beverly Turner

Depending on the amount of time and money you have to spare, bathroom remodels can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you need a cosmetic fixbecause your bathrooms decor hasnt been updated since the late 80sand sometimes you need to knock down and tear out how do you decide what level of remodel you need? And what does each level entail? Heres a simple explanation from interior designers Ann Robinson and Annie V. Schwemmer who are also frequent contributors to Deseret News.

Level one: sprucing up what you have

If youre short on funds or time or mostly happy with what you have already, the level one bathroom remodel is probably for you. It might include new paint, updated decor, a modern shower head, or a new, curved shower rod. These fixes can be achieved in as little as a few minutes or as much as a weekend, but their impact can be significant.A large, modern shower head with detachable sprayer can make your shower feel more luxurious and is very reasonably priced. A new coat of paint, even if its just one accent wall (or the ceiling) can instantly add visual interest to a bathroom. After all, theres not much more bland or uninteresting than the plain white bathroom walls most people stare at day after day.

Level two: changing built-in features

Sometimes, you might decide that your bathroom needs more updating than a simple coat of paint can give it. Replacing bathroom fixtures like the toilet or the sink takes more work and know-how, but can greatly increase the practical and aesthetic enjoyment you get out of your bathroom. A newer low-flow toilet could help reduce your water bill. A deeper sink or wider cabinets can make hand-washing easier and storage more useful. Some of these tasks may require professional knowledge while otherslike installing a new faucetcould be a quick DIY weekend project.

Level three: the total re-do

When theres no other recourse, a total makeover of your bathroom may be in order. That means tearing down walls, replacing sheetrock, laying new flooring, or adding new plumbing and electrical outlets. These tasks require the work of a trained contractor and possibly building permits, so dont try to do it on your own. Most bathrooms older than a decade or two will benefit from a total redo, said Robinson and Schwemmer. Especially if your home is old to have galvanized piping.A step further even than this is to expand a bathroom, taking space from a neighboring room to add square footage to a bathroom. While this can seem frightening or challenging, a trained architect can show you have shaving off a few feet in one room could do wonders for your bathroom. It all depends on what level of use you want to get out of your bathroom after the remodel is done.

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