2-kitten Goes to the Leather Shop

by princess kitten

It was Saturday she realized as she opened her eyes, and then she became excited. She had made an appointment at the leather shop with the sales person who had assisted her earlier in the week, just as Master had instructed. He told her He was looking for something specific but had not said what it was. She took a moment to recall how exposed she had felt under the scrutiny of the sales person, Elaine, as she purchased a crop for Master. She could tell her answers amused Elaine by the knowing smile on her face.

Now she was going back, this time with Master. She started to get excited, and a little nervous, at the thought of the two of them getting her alone. Master had never shared her before. But she really shouldn't worry she reassured herself, they would be in a shop. How much could happen in a fitting room?

She pulled herself away from her pondering and focused on her first duty of the day; waking Master. Moving slowly she crawled on top of Him and eased his already hard cock into her pussy. At what point He actually would wake she could never tell but it seemed to her He was thrusting his hips in his sleep. Encouraged she bounced little move vigorously and he slowly opened his eyes. This was one of her favorite moments of the day, when their eyes first met. He smiled as he watch her tits bounce. Reaching up He squeezing and pinching them till her breathing was ragged.

'May I cum now please Master?' She moaned.

'Not yet pet. Lean forward she placed her hands down on the mattress, above His shoulders. As He bit and nibbled on first one nipple then the other she rocked back and forth on His cock. She could feel Him swell inside her as His thrusts became more urgent. He was close.

'Please Master may I cum with you?' She begged. She couldn't hold back much longer. He nodded his head and grabbed her ass. Pumping furiously, she allowed herself the release she so needed. Soon she felt his hot cum, mingled with her own, as it oozed out of her pussy and down her thighs. He rolled over with his cock still inside and lay on top of her. As they both waited for their breathing to return to normal she reveled in the feeling of his weight on her. It was a great start to what she hoped would be an even better day.

After they had eaten and showered together it was time to dress, and in a hurry, it was almost time to leave.

'What shall I wear today Master?' She was hoping to gage what type of encounter Master had in mind by what he told her to wear.

'Just be sure to bring your kitty ears. was all he said. This was new. He never had told her to do that before. She suddenly became nervous.

'Yes Master he was leaving how she would dress up to her. But in order that she would not forget first she put the black, fluffy kitty ears in her purse. She chose a middle-of-the-road outfit of blue jeans, a sexy black top which showed her cleavage. Bundled up they headed out into the cold of winter. No sign of spring thaw to be found. The car was blissfully warm as Master had heated it up as she was putting on her makeup. He spoke to her as they drove.

'I want you on your best behavior today. No hesitations, no back talk. Do as exactly as you are told. You don't want to have to be punished do you?' His voice was mildly stern...his serious voice.

'No Master...i don't want to be punished she set her mind to do whatever was necessary. Forget being punished she thought. She didn't want to disappoint Him...not for all the gold in ft., Knox.

They arrived a little early. Elaine was busy with another customer so they had a chance to peruse the shop unencumbered. Elaine was dressed as she had been before, in a tight white shirt and khaki skirt. Elaine's hair was pulled back into a bun giving her an even sterner look than her countenance gave her. She tried not to stare. He took her to the back of the shop where every now and then He would stop and look at an item. She followed closely by His side. He stopped and picked up a fine riding crop...one that she had wanted to purchase but couldn't afford.

'Turn and put your hands on the wall she felt shocked but her body was already moving, as if on its own. She dropped her purse and placed her hands on the wall. She had a moment to look around. There were only two other customers, one at the cash register and one in the dressing room where Elaine stood waiting. Both were at the front of the shop. She felt the crop strike her ass hard enough to get her attention but not hard enough to leave a mark. She stifled a yelp with considerable effort. He left her there, in that position, as he wandered around close by.

'Come get a kiss' she eventually heard him say. She turned to see Elaine standing by Master. He smiled as she moved towards Him and she lifted up her face for her reward. His kiss still made her weak in the knees.

'How can I help you today?' Elaine asked when the kiss was over. Elaine had that slight smirk on her face that she remember from before.

'Id like a harness for my pet.' He said it so nonchalantly. As if they did this every day. Elaine wasn't ruffled in the least.

'We have many different styles to choose from...please follow me.' Elaine led them thru a dressing room to another door. She produced a key, unlocked the door, stepped inside and flipped on a light. The walls of the surprisingly large room were filled with harnesses, hoods, shackles and the like. The overwhelming smell of leather made her pussy tingle. After a sweeping look at her body Elaine began to pick out several harnesses for her to try on...some with chains on them.

'Take off your clothes please Elaine was so matter of fact about her request that it didn't really seem like a question to her. She glanced at Master who nodded curly. She took off her shirt, shoes, bra and jeans...in that order. She didn't wear panties. Self-conscious as she was as they stared at her she remembered to fold her clothes neatly and lay them on a chair.

'How lovely' Elaine murmured.

'Thank you' her Master replied. 'Put on your ears pet.' she quickly pulled them from her purse and clipped them into place... she stood still as the first harness was buckled into place. The chains were cold as they lay on her skin, giving her goose bumps.

'Lets see how you look as you crawl kitten His voice was starting to warm up. She dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl to opposite end of the room. She felt very exposed without her tail

'No I don't care for the chains. Lets look at another she stopped where she was and came crawling back. She stood as the harness was removed and a new one put on. This made her feel very owned, which made her grin.

One after the other were placed on her with no success till they came to very plain looking one with wide straps of leather. It was fastened onto her body. Seeing she had become aroused by this time Master stepped forward to give her pussy a rub. She gasped as He slipped a finger inside her.

'So wet my pet. You must be enjoying yourself.' She moaned in response as she thrust her pelvis out for a harder rub.

'Such a responsive little thing. Wherever did you find her?' Elaine asked. Elaine and Master spent the next few minutes chatting about how they met, her training so far and other details which made her blush.

'Turn around and let me see how this one fits on you' Master told her. As she turned slowly she could feel their eyes take in her every movement.

'I really cant tell if this is the one I want without your tail on pet.' He pulled her tail out of his coat pocket. When had He put that in there?

'Lean over the chair. Put your hands on the seat. Thats right, now spread your legs wider' He instructed.

'Now get the plug wet like a good kitten.' The plug to her tail was put to her lips. She slobbered on it as best she could before it was removed from her mouth. The plug was cold as He slid it into place, which gave her the shivers.

'Crawl for us again pet she moved to her hands and knees, trying to keep out of her mind what a stranger had just witnessed. As she crawled across the floor she felt the tail tickling her pussy as she moved her ass back and forth.

'You like this one kitten. I can tell' He said to her when she had crawled back to Him and started rubbing against his legs. Felling like the pampered pet she was, she sat up holding her hands in front of her like paws, and gave him her sweetest smile.

'I like it too but it's not quite what I wanted. I was looking for something like this.' He produced a piece of paper from His pocket and unfolded it. She could see the picture on the paper. It was of a cat being walked by its owner. But the cat was not wearing a collar but a harness, not unlike the harness she was wearing now...but not quite.

'I can have something started for you right away...as soon as you approve the design. We can email you so you don't have to come in again.' Elaine was all business again.

'That would be perfect. How soon can it be finished?' He asked.

'In about three days. I can call you when it's ready. Ill need to take some measurements. Do you mind?' Elaine was tilting her head towards me.

'Please, help yourself she saw a look of understanding pass between the two of them. He sat in a chair to watch as she squirmed in anticipation.

Elaine began to remove the harness she was wearing.

'Do you meow like a kitty little one?' Elaine teased her.

'Mew' she replied softly. She was afraid someone in the shop would hear her.

'Oh you can do better than that' Elaine cajoled.

'MEW' she said loudly. Screw the other patrons she thought, not wanting to be punished later for being disobedient.

'Thats better' Elaine said as the harness was removed. She felt a hand move over her ass to caress her tail. Elaine grabbed her tail and gave it a little tug, making her gasp. Soft laughter filled her ears.

'Hold still while get your measurements Elaine took a tape measure from a hook on the wall and began to wrap it around her body.

'something seems missing here' Elaine stepped back to scrutinize her for a moment before reaching out to place several well placed slaps on her tits. She wobbled a bit but caught herself.

'There, that's better. Isnt it?' Elaine had moved to stand at her back.

'Yes Ma'am' she answered.

'Oh and polite too. Very nice Elaine purred in her ear. The tape measure went around her body at several different points and the measurements recorded in a small book. Elaine came to stand in front of her...very close. Their lips almost touching.

'Does the pussy want some pussy? Mmm?' Elaine licked her open lips. She moaned and nodded yes. Elaine stepped back and let rain a torrent of slaps on her stinging tits.

'Answer me when I ask you a question Elaine was not pleased.

'Yes Ma'am. Im sorry Maam she really was sorry...she had forgotten herself in the heat of the moment.

'Ill forgive you but only if you do a good job. Get on your knees and come here still standing, Elaine leaned against a wall and lifted her skirt. She scurried forward, placing her face close to Elaine's bare pussy. Elaine's hand was in her hair...pulling her closer. She kissed and gave little licks till she heard Elaine moan. She buried her face in Elaine's pussy...sticking out her tongue. Searching for Elaine's clit. When she found it she licked for all she was worth...her world reduced to that little nub of flesh that swelled under her attention.

'Yes' Elaine pushed her head in harder. She pushed forward...mushing her nose against Elaine's pelvis making it hard to breathe. Encouraged, she pushed the tip of her tongue as hard as she could against the clit as she licked. As Elaine began to cum her face was pushed even harder into her pussy. She held her breath until it was over. Immediately she began to give long licks to Elaine's pussy hoping to get a taste of her juices. She wasn't disappointed.

Her task accomplished she licked softly as she waited for Elaine to push her head away. It was quite some time before Elaine did so. As she knelt she felt Master remove her tail.

'Time to go.' Despite her efforts He didn't sound pleased. She dressed as quickly as she could searching her memory for what she did wrong. It occurred to her suddenly and she gasped. She had nodded in answer to a direct question...when she should have spoken. When she looked at Master He raised a cautionary eyebrow...He didn't want to hear any back talk He had said. Despondent, she hung her head as tears threatened to leak from her eyes. She remained silent as she dressed, listening to Elaine and Master discuss His order and exchange contact information.

'Next time you wont forget to answer my questions will you? 'Elaine said chucking her under the chin. Next time? She thought.

'No Maam she answered clearly.

'Poor thing...I don't envy you when you get home.' Elaine patted her on the ass in sympathy as they left the now empty shop. The ride home was a quiet one. Filling her with dread. Master had never punished her before. He had never had any need to...until now.

TO BE CONTINUED IN..3-kitten gets punished

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