1-master's Kitten

by princess kitten

He was due home any minute as she carefully applied the finishing touches to her makeup. By now she was practiced at penciling in the whiskers. She turned and appraised herself in the mirror. She started at the top and worked her way down. Hair curled and ears in place, crotch less fishnet body suit and come-fuck-me pumps. Last but not least she opened the medicine cabinet so the mirror on it would give her a good view of her ass. She loved how the puffy black tail looked in contrast to her pale skin. She hurried to a designated spot by the front door.

She peeked out the window from time to time waiting for his car. Her mind had just started to wander when saw the headlights. Excited, she dropped to the floor in a kneeling position and put on her brightest smile. 'Hows my pet today?' He patted her on the head as He went past her to the kitchen. She followed crawled slowly behind Him. He put down his lunch box got a soda from the fridge, opened it and took a long drink. She started to tell Him about her day as she usually did. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day. Just chores, errands and cooking. Then she remembered. 'I got you a present today Master she looked up, eyes bright with anticipation. 'What did you get for me?' He smiled indulgently. She smiled back, 'A crop Master.' 'I want to see it but first I have something else for you to do.' He put down his drink, unzipped his pants and pulled out His cock. She crawled forward. When she reached Him she knelt looking up at Him. She reached up with one hand to stroke Him and guide His cock to her mouth. She tilted back her head so He could the head of his cock as it slid over her tongue and into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around the head of His cock, then sucking softly as she moaned. She began to rock her body back and forth taking a bit more of his cock each time she rocked forward. After she had worked as much of his cock into her throat as she could she stopped rocking. As she looked up into His eyes she took a bit more gagging as she did so. No matter how hard she tried she could never take all of Him and it frustrated her at times, like now. She left His cock only to suck his balls one at a time. When she was done she held his cock in front of her face and began to jerk Him off. After a time He asked, 'Where do you want it kitten?' 'Will you please cum on my tits Master?' She took as much of Him into her mouth as she could. She could hardly breathe. She felt one of His fingers move lightly across her upper lip. She watched as He began to jerk off inches from her face. She held her breast up and arched her back as warm cum splashed across them. Even before He was done squirting she was scooping it up and licking it off her fingers.

                He sat on the couch relaxing before dinner. 'Let me see the present you bought for me pet.' He hadn't told her she could stand so she crawled to the bedroom to retrieve the crop from its hiding place under the bed. Before she had left the room, exaggerating the oscillation of her ass, she looked over her shoulder and gave a wicked smile and giggled. She returned as quickly as she could with it in her mouth as she had been trained to do. He took the crop and examined it. 'Where did you get it?' She spoke about how she had gone to the finest leather shop in the city. She had been helped by a rather stern woman who had asked some very probing questions. She told her Master how exposed she felt standing in the middle of the shop being interrogated by a sales clerk. Who happened to be gorgeous she remembered to mention. 'Come lay at my feet. On your back. bending forward slightly, He began to stroked her body with the crop. 'Describe this sales person to me pet.' She spent the next five minutes trying to tell about how the sales person looked, how she moved, the shadow of a smirk that would appear on her face during their conversation. The crop kept finding all her sensitive spots and linger there distracting her from her narrative. 'Find out the name of the sales clerk and make an appointment with her for this weekend. I want something made for you.' He didn't tell her what He wanted made. 'Yes, Master. I will do it tomorrow.' She started to get excited thinking about what it could possibly be but her thoughts were interrupted. He had her roll over and teased her ass unmercifully. She tried to listen to what He was saying but she couldn't catch it all. What was important was that He liked the gift but wasn't going to use it tonight. She wasn't surprised that He was going to make her wait. She hoped it wasn't for too long.

Something smells good. Stand up and go finish up dinner.' He sat back, watching her rise from the floor. She had taken great pains to prepare as much of the meal as possible ahead of time. Although He had never cautioned her about it she hated to keep Him waiting. It only took a few minutes in the kitchen and His dinner plate, piled high, was ready and on the table. 'Dinner is ready Master.' she said from the doorway. While He followed her into the dining room she could feel His eyes on her ass. 'I bet you are a hungry kitten. Come here.' She took her customary spot kneeling at his side, hands in his lap. He took a bite and nodded in approval. As He chewed He gave her a bite. She loved being fed by hand and it never failed to thrill her.

Dishes done and put away she went looking for her Master. He was waiting for her in the living room with the new crop across his lap. He placed it on the couch as she approached and stood. 'Lean over here pet.' He took her arm and guided her into position, her ass over the arm of the couch. The riding crop had been placed strategically on the couch to be right in front of her face so she could look but not be touched by it. He stroked her tail, sometimes tickling the back of her thighs with it, He spoke to her words of delight, praise and passion. What she called 'sweet nothings' but which really meant the world to her. By the time He was in position behind her with her tail draped across her back, cock pressed to her pussy lips, she was wet and just a little weak in the knees. He wasn't moving and she squirmed a bit in anticipation. 'Does kitten want some cock?' she could hear the smile in his voice. 'Yes Master' she gasped. 'Meow for cock pet He gave her just an inch more. 'Mewww, mewww, mewwww' unabashed she put a note of desperation into it. She was immediately rewarded as His cock inched its way further inside her pussy. 'Keep going He had stopped again. By the time He allowed her to cum was almost screaming.

TO BE CONTINUED IN 2-kitten goes to the leather shop

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