Secrets to Selling Your Home

by Robert Neeson

No matter what condition the housing market is in, the idea of trying to sell your home can be discouraging when you think of all the upgrades that need to take place in order to make your home appealing to potential buyers. Most of the time you are moving simply to upgrade your lifestyle, so the idea of upgrading your current home is probably pretty daunting when the cost is considered. HGTV suggests that homeowners who are putting their home on the market do not over-upgrade. Quick fixes such as spackling nail holes and a fresh coat of paint can raise the value of the home just as much as a major remodel. So do not become discouraged if you are trying to sell your home and it needs some TLC. Start with the small and simple fixes in order to save money as well as make your home look fresh and new. The illusion of space Most homebuyers are looking for more space. When you open up your home for potential buyers to look through there are a few ways to give the illusion of space without lying to them. One way is to take half of the stuff out of your closets, especially if they are crammed and cluttered. Buyers will always snoop because they are looking for their perfect home, so giving the illusion of more space by simply removing items from closets is a good way to show buyers exactly how much space they have to work with without overwhelming them with your things. Not to mention, once your closets are cleaned out, you can do some de-cluttering yourself and get rid of unnecessary items before bringing them into your new home just to be stored away and take up space. Lighting is everything If you walk through model homes you will notice that every single light is on. If potential buyers are walking through your home, you should use the same technique and turn on all the lights. Lighting is something most buyers look for, especially natural lighting, so take down curtains , drapes, and change lampshades to increase the essence of natural light. Make sure your windows are clean so buyers are not turned off by a dirty view. Trim down bushes that block light from entering the home, and increase the wattage of all the lightbulbs. A bright home is much more likely to sell than a dark home. Creating a perfect first impression While the inside of your home is important, the exterior is perhaps one of the most important places to upgrade when trying to sell your home. The exterior of the home is the first impression all potential buyers get, and if the yard looks like trash you probably will not sell as quickly as you would like. So spend some time in the yard trimming trees, planting flowers and mowing the lawn to make it look nice and appealing to anyone interested in it. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News brought to you by Source:

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