by Debbie Mckay


     To have feelings of love for a person is the greatest thing in the world. I have never been in love before like this in a long time. This person has touched my heart in so many ways. By his looks, bye his personality, by his all around good ways. I met him when I stayed at his hotel, I don't know how it happened but it happened. I walked in not knowing him and he automatically welcomed me with his kind words. Saying I looked good, I smelt good, and his all around good advice. Back then I thought of him as just a very sweet friend, but I knew in the back of his mind he liked me. This person I wish to keep secrect Is a very special friend. He has showen me That I am a person and not an object. This man I'm with now treats me like a wet dog. I didn't start to have feelings for this person until I left his hotel. I am very gratful for this mans freindship he makes me feel alive. verus the wet dog thing. I know we haved shared feelings over the internet but I haven't out of good faith acted on them. This person is an all around special guy in my life. That I feel is love that we share,

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