The Gold-digger

by Ama Plange

I was on the prowl last night, to the bars and clubs where I can pick the rich men. You can always tell that they are rich because they dress into designer wear suits, and wear the most expensive Rolex watches that they bought from Harrods or Harvey Nichols I think. When I have no money, I'll survive on these millionaires who will take me out to the top London posh restaurants, shopping and holidays.

Men with money are so powerful and superior that it doesn't matter where or how they earn their money, as long as I and wined, dined and treated like a proper lady. This may sound horrible, but I don't like the idea of having a scruffy working-class male idiot or someone who is on the dole offering me with a glass of lemonade or water, greasy fish and chips and a night out at Burger king or McDonalds!

I will boastfully tell you, that I already have other victims of my own. David, who is a , who regularly takes me out to fancy restaurants and drives a Ferrari car. He invited me to a dinner party tonight, but I'd rather be with my Graham who owns Maple Night -Club in West London and drives a Porsche car. We are going on a romantic skiing holiday, to Austria on First Class Endeavour Sky travel. He told me to buy skiing gear and sexy winter clothes but I asked him if he could buy it all for me and he will do it. I'm a size 10. I'm very excited about my holiday and I can't wait to have lovely time.

I have all these guys, paying so much attention to me and this is so amazing because every time, I click my fingers, they jump and come to me. I am always in control, which is good. But I am always watchful and aware of these rich men. I am one of the sensible women who are sharp and very cunning. When a rich man offers a woman gifts, it is very likely that he would want something in return. He is only after one thing. I have no intentions of giving him that. A man always lusts after what he cannot have. If a weak woman gives it to him on a plate, then he'll take advantage of her and never see her again; but if she strings him along, (like I do) then he'll come back all the time. Some men will get frustrated and move onto other women because they are not getting anywhere. Others will never give up hoping they will get the end-result.

My two victims are 'Graham' and 'David' will be around for a number of years. I haven't gone to bed with them and they are still hanging in there waiting patiently for their big break. This is all a game. In this day in life everybody uses everybody and that is a fact. I don't despite these men, I have respect for them because they are the perfect in-between whom are rough and ready for action and have plenty of cash with them. So what if I'm a gold digger, it is women like me, who take advantage of it and I will never settle for anything less.

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