The Last Mission

by Alex Schumer

            Joe jumped down off the ledge and landed with a thud with both feet and a knee. He rolled just like he had trained to spread out his weight. His pack was full but felt light to him. As Joe stood up he looked around and took in all of the sights. Ahead of him there was an ancient structure with four legs coming down into the ground.

That must be the place he thought.

His first step sank into the grass that was right in front of him. The grass was in lines of green and white.

            What an odd choice of colors for grass he thought as he continued to walk through it.

            One foot crunched on the grass in front of the other. Joe continued through the short grass until he reached one of the colossal legs of the monument he had seen in the distance. As he approached the monument he noticed that it was made out of wood. Wood was not unfamiliar to him. In the many months since he was born, he had seen many relics that were made out of wood all over his world.

            Even though he had seen the material before, he still walked around the base of it, exploring every inch that he could see. One quarter of it was in the shade and it was cool to his pale face. He enjoyed passing back and forth between the light and dark side. After several minutes of this he quickly regained his focus and continued on with his mission. Joe left the monument behind and hoped that his time of relaxation hadnt made him late. Step after step took him farther and farther down the hard road that he had been following.

            Soon after leaving the monument a forest appeared on his left. Its trees varied in size and were in what seemed like random places. For some reason the trees also had writing on them but Joe couldnt make out what any of them said. A part of him was curious but he knew he could not stop again. As he walked and made eye contact with every tree he quickly came across a brown bear. The bear froze Joe in his tracks. For all his travels he has never actually seen a brown bear before. Joe hesitantly started talking to the bear. All of his survival training had told him to make loud noises when confronted with bears and was eager to follow their advice.

            Hi bear, hi bear he said as loud as he could. He put both hands in the air trying to make himself look as big as possible.

            Hello, how are you? Replied the bear.

            Joe couldnt believe his ears. He had never seen a bear before but he surly knew that they didnt talk. He looked around to make sure that nobody was watching him talk to a bear. If someone was watching he knew they would think he was crazy.

            Umm, Hello? He replied hesitantly.

            What is your name? The Bear asked with excitement.

            Joe. Whats your name?

            Teddy. Where are you going?

            At this point Joe was so confused he couldnt tell if he was in a dream or real life. He was talking to a bear.

            I am on a secret mission, I have to go to a building not far from here.

            Can I walk with you for a bit? I dont have many friends out here. Teddy replied with a sad tone.

            Im not surprised, you talk Joe said to himself. Yes, only for a little while though.

            The two started walking on the road that Joe had started on before he noticed the strange bear. The two continued to walk for what seemed like hours. Teddy was finally starting to get on Joes nerves. He would not stop talking. Joe couldnt take it anymore. He swung around to give Teddy a piece of his mind when two huge shadows came over them. Both quickly looked up to see the objects falling towards them. They were pale with five objects coming out of each. One object wrapped itself around Joe and the other around Teddy, just tight enough to pick them up. The two screamed as they were both lifted off the ground and brought towards the light.

. . .

            Tim grabbed his favorite toys and carried them to bed. It was past his bed time and he didnt want to get in trouble because he was playing with his Teddy Bear and GI Joe. Tim crawled into his nice warm bed with Teddy on one side and Joe on the other.

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